Crowsheath Fishery

Crowsheath Farm, Hawkswood Road, Downham, Billericay CM11 1JT

Crowsheath Fishery day ticket lakes. Specimen Carp to 40+, Catfish to 90+ and Pike to 20+. See description below for Rules & Prices.Gold award winning Crowsheath Fishery is in the heart of Essex on green belt land far away from the passing traffic and busy towns. The lakes are set in a 110 acres of farmland and rolling countryside but still close enough to the towns to be able to have a choice of takeaway foods delivered. There is plenty of secure floodlit parking that is watched over by cctv as well as having 24 hour bailiffs. We also have a male and female toilet and shower block and have clean drinking water taps for the use of our customers. We also offer a pick up service from the carpark to your swim and back again for a small cost. For more info about our 3 lakes please visit our website - Rules 1. Catch and release. All fish are to be returned to the lake after capture. 2. Each angler MUST possess a valid UK fishing licence. 3. No leadcore, braided leaders or braided main line. 4. Barbless and micro-barbed hooks only. 5. No tiger, peanuts or maples. 6. Each angler must have their own minimum of 42 inch landing net, unhooking mat, and antiseptic is to be used with every catch. 7. Unhooking mats must be large enough for the safe handling of our largest fish in that lake. (At least standard beanie mat size for Carp, roughly 135cm x 85cm) 8. No fixed bolt rigs. 9. No surface fishing. 10. No large groups without prior permission from bailiff. 11. No children under the age of 16 to be left unattended. 12. No coal barbecues. 13. No litter whatsoever to be left behind, please use large red bins provided. 14. No dogs allowed anywhere on this fishery. 15. No fish to be retained at any time without fishery permission. 16. If you are walking around the lake please respect the anglers. 17. No reserving of swims at any time unless they are pre paid. 18. Rods, bivvys or any equipment are not to be left unattended at any time. 19. Your fishing area is halfway between your nearest swim left and right of you and halfway across if applicable. 20. Sensible use of Bait boats are permitted. 21. No radios or TV’s to be heard outside of your bivvy. 22. No vehicles around the lake at any time. 23. Bivvi’s and tents MUST be green and are compulsory for night fishing. 24. You are allowed 1 guest per angler with no exceptions! 25. Anyone found to be too intoxicated will be banned for life! 26. Crowsheath accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any person, vehicle or equipment at any time. Pike Fishing 1. Wire traces are compulsory when fishing for pike. 2. Live and dead bait only. NO spinning or lure fishing! 3. Semi barbed treble hooks ONLY, no fully barbed trebles. 4. You must possess unhooking tools e.g. long handled forceps, long nose pliers & cutters. 5. Freshwater fish must be caught on-site. Saltwater fish can be used on-site. You must be on the lake by 7pm at the latest and 7am at the earliest. Any movements on or off the lake after or before this time must be notified or you will be refused entry. Full Price List: 12 hours: 2 rods - £10 / 3 rods - £15 24 hours: 2 rods - £20 / 3 rods - £30 36 hours: 2 rods - £30 / 3 rods - £45 48 hours: 2 rods - £40 / 3 rods - £60 72 hours: 2 rods - £50 / 3 rods - £75 4 days: 2 rods - £60 / 3 rods - £90 5 days: 2 rods - £70 / 3 rods - £105 6 days: 2 rods - £80 / 3 rods - £120 7 days: 2 rods - £90 / 3 rods - £135 Monday to Friday is half price for OAP's, under 14's & Servicemen and women.

Address: Crowsheath Farm, Hawkswood Road, Downham, Billericay CM11 1JT

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