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Oak Lakes FisheriesBurnham RoadSouthminsterEssexCM0 7BJ

The Oak Lake and Pipe Lake are ideal for carp fishing where you can catch carp weighing over 30lbs. If you are looking to catch Catfish or Pike we also have the Predator Lake which is home to several species of predatory fish.

If you are looking for day tickets to do some regular carp fishing, or even just to join a syndicate as a member, there really is something for every angler here at the most popular fishery in Essex. With a day ticket you can fish for the whole day from first light until dusk, or purchase a 24 hour ticket and bring your bivvy, as night-fishing is available on all fishing lakes.

The Predator Lake includes very large Catfish, some over 140lbs and also large Pike weighing up to 30lbs. If you are looking to angle for a certain fish in particular we can definitely provide you with information on that. For example if you are searching for Catfish or Bream then the summer time is normally the peak time, however if you are fishing for Pike then the winter time is the best chance of catching them. Fishing for carp is the most popular here for our members as you tend to have the chance of catching them all year round in many of our lakes. Here at Oak Lake Fisheries one of the proudest memories we have is actually holding the record for the biggest Catfish ever caught in the country.

Carp over 30lb
Catfish over 140lb
Pike to 30lb

Address: Oak Lakes FisheriesBurnham RoadSouthminsterEssexCM0 7BJ
Website: http://www.oaklakesfisheries.co.uk/

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Graham Rose - 31st May 2019 at 3:26pm

How much to fish day or night

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Dan - Reviewed 30th Oct 2022 at 6:39pm

3 of us just just done 4 nights 5 days on oak lake so where do I start with this lake?? Turn up first light no one about to see us on not very secure as anyone can just turn up. Finally we spoke to a bailiff and he told us the lake was recently stocked with 300 7lb to 10lb carp not good news for us as we were goin for some of the bigger carp finally got set up on swims and the rods were off first hour 7 carp all 7 to 8lb all 3 of us was kept busy by little carp great for beginners or match well as the days went on no bailiffs came to see us and when another one did I then got told I shouldn’t be fishing where I was at night honestly it’s a joke their was carp anglers turning up and leaving the nxt day as they caught bigger fish on their day water!! After talking to one match angler one day he told me he’s always their and the big fish that are showing on the pitchers are in the the syndicate lake not the day ticket!! After 4 nights and over 60 fish between 3 of us we had only 2 carp at 20lb all the rest at 7lb to 15lb what a joke this lake is such a shame as it could be a lovely place we will never return need to make up their mind weather it’s a match lake or a carp lake!!

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