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New Road, Bawburgh, NR9 3LZ, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Bawburgh lake ( 25 acres)
The 1st and arguably most loved lake on site, first opened in 1988 it was noted for it’s pike fishing but after a few years the pike fishery had dwindled somewhat.
That was until 1997 and the introduction of new stock by N.A.C.A, some carp from a local water and 75 bream. Then later in 2006, 20 of the famous “Fishers pond” strain carp were stocked.
Currently the fishing in Bawburgh lake is somewhat underrated, with carp in to mid 30’s and yet a certain unknown quantity of carp. But with more double figure bream caught on this lake than any other each year and pike to 33lb some people will not be quite so surprised!
Colney 1 (28 acres)
Some know it as a prolific tench fishery, others the home of the sought after “Kens fish” a beautiful mirror that regularly tops 40lb but all will agree it’s simply an all-round big fish water. Spring heralds this lakes most popular period of fishing, many are aware of some truly phenomenal catches which are produced at this time of the year, sometimes with multiple double figure tench in one session!!
In 1997 some 110 carp from the EA were introduced, many of these stockies now toping 30lb with plenty of upper 20’s in reserve. You’ll also find tench to over 11lb, Bream to 18lb 12oz, pike to 31lb and the odd perch over 3lb.
All the lakes on site are fantastically rich natural environments for fish (some species are present which are only found in chalk streams!) with tonnes of natural food, the space to grow and low stocking densities this lake will keep producing the “goods” well in to the future.
Lodge lake (33 acres)
This is the largest lake on the fishery, with bays, islands, open water, shallows and depths to 18ft this mixed bag fishery again holds some real gems, lots of tench which touch on double figures, a one time British record bream of 18lb 9oz taken by Kerry Walker in 2001 (a record which was broken by Bawbugh lakes again in 2001 with a 18lb 15oz fish from Tom Huntley!) Along with other stock, carp strains from Fishers pond and Dinton pastures were added between 1999-2009 which has seen the current carp stock nudging the 40lb mark, again with lots of back up fish behind them. Recent years has seen some large pike coming back to this lake, with fish reported to 28lb it will be only a matter of time before all the large lakes have lake records set over 30lb for pike.
Colney 2 Now called Lennys lake (4 acres)
Although much smaller than Colney 1, don’t be fooled by it’s size. With carp in to upper 30’s, tench to 8lb and staggeringly pike to 31lb and with some quality roach and rudd in the mix too. Weedy, lined with trees and reeds it was intended as a stalking water but don’t be too surprised to find longer term occupants here.
Works lake (3 acres)
This long rectangle shaped lake has been used as a stock pond for a number of years, holding a good head of carp in to 20’s, tench and good number of silver fish, plus expect to find pike to 20lb.
Seamons (1.5 acres)
This lake along with finger pool were developed with pleasure angling in mind, carp to high 20’s, pike in the low 20’s and an assortment of other species. This is also a great spot to see some of Bawburghs many Kingfishers in action.
Finger pool (0.5 acres)
Along with seamons, a pleasure fishery, popular with younger anglers. Mixed species, which has been useful for demonstration and instruction on Bawburghs open days in the past and hopefully, the future too.
River Yare (1.5 mile stretch)
Cutting right through the centre of the fishery, this Stretch of river as many like it has some truly mouth watering features. Deep runs, bubbling shallows, under cut banks, overhanging trees and swirling eddies. Weather crawling on your belly stalking specimen chub or trotting for roach and dace, it makes a nice addition to the fantastic lake fishing.

Address: New Road, Bawburgh, NR9 3LZ, Norfolk, United Kingdom

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