Fleet Pond

Kenilworth Crescent, Fleet, GU51 3, Hants, United Kingdom

Fleet Pond was dug in the 1400s by monks for farming Carp. Its the largest lake in Hampshire at 53 acres. Unfortunately, in the past 23 years fleet pond has become very shallow due to large amonts off sand silting it up, with a max depth of 16 inches right across the lake. Fishing and boating is allowed from the 16th June to the 14th March. Fishing is only allowed from 6 swins along the railway bank and at the bottom of chestnut grove road. All the platforms have been given a facelift over the past 5 years.

Address: Kenilworth Crescent, Fleet, GU51 3, Hants, United Kingdom
Phone: 01252614066

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