Willow Park Fishery

Youngs Drive Ash Hampshire GU12 6RE

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Willow Park Fishery. Our fishery has four lakes, one of which serves as a stock pond, as well as on-site amenities such as a five-star food hygiene-rated café serving breakfast, burgers, and freshly prepared pizzas, as well as male/female and handicapped restrooms. Additionally, we have a shower block accessible for anyone staying for an extended period of time. Additionally, we have an excellent tackle store that has a variety of well-known brands, including bait from Mainline Baits, Wraysbury Baits, and dynamite.

Our ten-acre lake is marked with thirty bark chipped swims, the majority of which may be fished as doubles. This lake has a population of 400+ carp, including a few over 30lb specimens, and a healthy population of 20's, including three floppy tailed commons weighing in at approximately 28lb. Additionally, the lake is home to a wonderful fully scaled mirror dubbed "The Princess" weighing in at 26lb. Please view our Gallery for images of this magnificent fish. It also has a healthy population of back-up fish weighing between 15-20lb, which means your rod is always likely to bend.

Our stock pond is the ideal size for teaching beginners and little children. Our 0.6-acre lake, which is teeming with fish, is next to our café, tackle store, and restrooms.

Our 1.5-acre little lake is roughly 4-5ft deep and has 30 platforms. This lake is a premier mixed/match and pleasure fishing destination, as well as a popular destination for club rentals. The lake has a healthy population of carp up to 17lb as well as dense populations of Tench, Crucian, Bream, Roach, and Perch.

Middle Lake: Our middle lake is a two-acre body of water that is roughly 4-5ft deep. It has 27 platforms with several double pegs for family fishing. Again, this lake is home to an abundance of carp up to 17lb+, as well as bream, tench, roach, and perch. Additionally, this lake is well-known for club rentals.

Carp up to 34lb

Address: Youngs Drive Ash Hampshire GU12 6RE
Website: http://www.willowparkfishery.co.uk/

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