Elphicks Fisheries Ltd

Spelmonden Rd, Horsmonden, Tonbridge TN12 8EL

We have 7 lakes where day tickets and session fishing are available. Each lake has its own parking lot that is conveniently located near the lake.

The North Lake is a 19-swim, 6-acre specimen carp pond that is exclusively available to adult day ticket and session anglers. At any one moment, just ten fishermen are allowed to fish, and no visitors or guests are permitted. The lake's biggest carp weigh in at around 50 pounds.

Plantation is a specimen Carp Lake with a size of 1.3 acres and eight swims. At any one time, we allow a maximum of four fishermen. The carp in this lake may weigh up to 40 pounds.

Prairie is a three-acre lake with 14 swims that may be fished from, as well as day and night fishing.

Some of the lake's bigger carp weigh more than 40 pounds. There are no visitors or guests permitted.

Sandwich is a 1.5-acre lake with 15 swims. At any one moment, a maximum of 10 anglers are permitted to fish the lake. The lake is home to a great number of carp, the biggest of which weighs in at 31 pounds.

Kettles is a 2.5-acre lake with 30 pegs stocked with Carp to 30 pounds, Tench to 10 pounds, and huge Perch.

Pullens is a three-acre, eight-swim lake reserved for dedicated specimen carp hunters. Lightly stocked with some absolutely stunning fish weighing in about 50 pounds and above. Pullens fish are hard to get by, but once you do, they put up a good fight. On Pullens Lake, we allow a maximum of 5 anglers at any one time, with no visitors or guests.

West End is a three-acre, eight-swim lake that caters to the dedicated specimen carp hunter. Lightly stocked with carp weighing up to 50 pounds. At any one moment, we allow a maximum of 5 anglers on West End, with no visitors or guests.

Day ticket
Carp up to 50lb
Tench up to 10lb

Address: Spelmonden Rd, Horsmonden, Tonbridge TN12 8EL
Website: http://www.elphicks-fisheries.co.uk/

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