Orrell Water Park

Lodge Road, Orrell, WN5 7AT, Wigan, United Kingdom

Two disused reservoirs surrounded by picturesque woodland make up Orrell Water Park. Facilities include: Excellent small course fishery for all year round fishing, with day ticket fishing and competitions throughout the year. Children’s play area, Small "Nature Reserve" with ponds, over 100 Bird species recorded and a wide variety of Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damselflies.

Address: Lodge Road, Orrell, WN5 7AT, Wigan, United Kingdom

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Fishery questions


Andrew Money - 31st Jul 2021 at 11:57am

Can i method fish here?, and how much is day ticket please


Ian - 11st Sep 2020 at 10:50am

How much is a day ticket


Hayden Ashcroft - 24th Jun 2020 at 6:31pm

Are you open tomorrow for day fishing


Daynin - 6th Jun 2020 at 6:01am

Is it open today and can I use a tent there way it raining it just I broke my bivvy it a popup 2 man that all please


Greg devine - 20th May 2020 at 8:03am

Is orrell water park open for fishing today


James Hide - 20th Feb 2020 at 3:13pm

What type of fish are in these lakes

John - replied on 17th May 2020 at 7:46am

Mostly carp to 20+ and bream and silvers

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Jay - Reviewed 22nd Aug 2022 at 2:57pm

Good lake. Couldn't complain about the fish or the surroundings. However the attitude of Mr.Maddisson (the new owner of the lake) leaves much to be desired. We ended up getting moved off the specimen lake which we'd booked in advance onto the smaller lake as our Large unhooking mat wasn't big enough as the owner wanted us to rent one off him. If you visit the lake for a day session be prepared to be moved off by the owner as you are only allowed to use his own boiles and a number of other bizarre rules. However despite this, we still had a great day's fishing and loads of lovely bright perch.

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Daynin - Reviewed 6th Jun 2020 at 5:59am

Is it open and can I use a tent way it raining there

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Mark - Reviewed 31st May 2020 at 9:56am

Do you do night fishing

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