Grange Farm

Pinfold Lane, Fishlake, DN7 5, Doncaster, United Kingdom

Grange Farm is a small intimate water run by a very nice couple. The water is very new in terms of availability for fishing. (Established Feb 2004) Although the water has been dug for over 3 years and is teeming with stockfish.
The owners have put some thought into the water that will assist in fish welfare and successful spawning. The newness of the water is still evident in terms of bankside planting and surroundings. This will blossom with time and provide excellent fish holding features.
There is ample car parking, toilet facilities and also home cooked quality refreshments. The water has a number of pegs that are suitable for anglers with disabilities, although some of the pegs may need some assistance in getting to them.
The water has become very popular very quickly. It is ideal for anglers new to the sport as you can guarantee a fish on most casts. The water has also become popular with club matches, and weekends can get busy during the warmer months.
There is a small island at the far end and this is a very good fish holding feature. There is a good marginal shelf, and this can provide the perfect place to fish at the end of your rod.
The owner has put a lot of fish in, consisting mainly of pastie carp, with the odd much larger fish to over 11lbs. There are good stocks of tench that stick to the shelf and will take worm and corn freely. There are also good numbers of skimmer bream stocked, with roach and chub. Although not to everyone's taste in a stillwaters there are also good numbers of small barbel.
Maggot, caster, and worm will take fish, if used on the right light tackle, don't go over the top with line diameters or hook sizes. Fish on the rod end and most importantly feed on a little and often basis.

Address: Pinfold Lane, Fishlake, DN7 5, Doncaster, United Kingdom

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