Sefton Park Lake

Mossley Hill Drive, Liverpool, L17 0, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Sefton Park Lake is located in a public park
in Aigburth, Liverpool, Merseyside, Sefton Park Lake offers free fishing and is renowned for it's roach and bream fishing but also Carp and Pike. The best tactics to use is to float; fish on maggot that will get you
almost anything in the lake, or trout pellets are also good for the
Tench and the bigger fish.

Address: Mossley Hill Drive, Liverpool, L17 0, Merseyside, United Kingdom

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Stephen Monaghan - Reviewed 4th May 2022 at 10:10am

Not a patch on what it was 20 years ago where it was stocked with Big Bream (10lb) Stunning roach (1lb) Crucians - Massive head of tench loads of carp, pike etc. The lake got drained when it got refurbed with lottery money. The council sold all the fish and made a nice profit. They have never restocked it This is a carp fishermans water now there are still some great carp in there apparently there is a 30lb in there and numerous 20s and Mid teens. I see loads of carp lads doing well. However for an average coarse angler its going to be a hard slog. Its a shame as it was literally amazing when it fished well you could get 70Lb net of tench in a morning or a nighter... Not to mention for the last three years the council have let the blue green algae appear and done nothing about it apart from a bit of tape and some signs not to go near water.

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