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Congleton Road, Sandbatch, CW11 4TE, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Sandy Pool

Our specimen pool is an irregularly shaped lake with a variety of characteristics to study, including a buried island where fish may always be found (but be careful as this area can be snaggy). A nice head of quality doubles is backed up with a good head of carp (to well over 25lb). Our Catfish, some of which weigh in excess of 40 pounds, are a recent welcome addition to Sandy Pool, with Big Bad Barry (shown) hitting the scales at 44 pounds on his previous visit. There are lots of superb Crucian, Rudd, Tench, Bream, Chub, Barbel, and Perch, as well as bream up to 5 pounds and roach up to 2 pounds. In addition to the island, reed and lily beds are excellent fishing spots. Fishing at the bottom of the marginal ledge has also proven to be effective. Expanders, castor, pork, and maize are good baits, with halibut pellets or flesh for the cats. (33 pegs / 1.3 acres).

Far Hope Pool

The fishing on Far Hope revolves around a central island and provides good opportunities for both match and pleasure anglers. The pool is well-stocked with Carp (to 15lb) and F1s (to 3lb), as well as Bream (to 4lb), Crucian (to 3lb), Rudd (to 1lb), Roach (to 1lb), Chubb (to 4lb), and scale-perfect Tench (to 3lb). The pool's depth varies from 5-8 feet. Pellet, meat, and maize are good baits to use in the winter months, along with castor and maggot. A chuck to the island utilising the running technique, feeder, or straight lead is also productive. (22 pegs per acre).

Farm Pool

The newest of our five pools, as well as the one closest to the Farm, therefore the name! This circular pool, which has two islands and 19 pegs, is stocked with Carp, Bream, Crucian, Rudd, F1s, Ide, and Roach. The depth is 4-5 feet. It does well on the island's sedges as well as in open water. Parking is available on the hard standing part at the farm end of the pool, which is next to our Camping and Caravanning Club site.

Kingfisher Pool

Kingfisher Pool is ideal for fishing all year round, with numerous conveniently accessible pegs adjacent to the parking area. The lake is about 1.5 acres in size and has 32 pegs. Depths vary from 5ft to 9ft. Recent arrivals complement the current high-quality Crucians up to 3 pounds and Tench up to 6 pounds. Kingfisher continues to stock an uncommon selection of high-quality Carp, Chub, Barbel, Perch, Bream up to 6lb, and Roach. If Carp and F1s are not your thing, Kingfisher makes a wonderful silver fish match water.

Big Beam Pool

Big Beam Pool is an excellent match pool, about 2 acres in area and featuring 52 pegs. Stocking is similar to Far Hope, but with hundreds of F1s weighing up to 3lbs. Big Beam is Fields Farm's biggest pool, measuring over 2 acres. By design, Big Beam is a canal, with virtually all of the pegs measuring 13.5 metres wide to the far side. This pool, which is divided into three legs, can handle both small and big competitions. The depth varies between 5ft and 8ft. Expander, pork or corn fished over a bed of micros or hemp may provide excellent results. Similarly, paste performs well in the margins.

Carp over 25lb
Catfish up to 44lb

Address: Congleton Road, Sandbatch, CW11 4TE, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Sean from Northwich - Reviewed 2nd May 2022 at 7:17pm

Excellent fishing especially for cats on top pool ,39 lb on luncheon meat close in and a pb ,nice owner Chris

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