Hardwick Pits

Hardwick, OX29 7QF, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Linear Fisheries is a top fishery in the south of England, set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. There are many things that Linear Fisheries could boast about, some of them being a massive head of big Carp in all of its lakes, Carp in excess of 40lb in a few, the biggest being 44lb 6oz. As well as Carp they can be proud to have big Catfish up to 76lb, Tench over 12lb, Pike to 31lb, Bream over 16lb, Roach just under 4lb, Rudd just under 3lb, Chub over 7lb and Perch to over 4lb. St.Johns in probably the most prolific 20's and 30's water in the country boasting some huge fish, not just Carp, tho the biggest over 44LB, there are also massive Catfish, Pike, Bream, Tench and Roach. St.Johns is set in beautiful surroundings and is about 18 acres in size with a current stock of over 800 fish of wich an estimated 40 are Carp over 30LB and 5 40's. The bailiffs are on hand or not to far away to offer assistance and expert advice, there main onsite office is situated in St.Johns carpark. When you turn up, its just a case of finding a swim and start fishing and the bailiffs will come round to you to collect the very reasonable ticket price. Just knowing that many famous anglers have graced the bank of this phenomenal lake is enough for most people and one visited by thousands every year, and for good reason.

Carp over 44lb
Catfish to 76lb
Pike to 31lb

Address: Hardwick, OX29 7QF, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.linear-fisheries.co.uk

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