Knypersley Reservoir

Greenway Bank, Brindley Ford, ST8 7, Staffs, United Kingdom

Knypersley Reservoir is 35.4 acres in size and over 40ft deep in places. It is fed by many inlets including that of the River Trent, which begins only a few miles up stream at Biddulph Moor. The venue itself is extremely picturesque surrounded by trees and the old castle and bridge. When the reservoir is full, it offers a 30 peg match length, plus another 20 - 30 pegs on the deep side and road dam. When the water level drops over 4 feet, many more pegs become available and well over 100 pegs can be fished. The whole lake in general is fairly deep, with the shallower areas being nearest the Serpentine Lake. Pegs are in tidy condition, although as it is a country park and because of a changing water level, Knypersley does not have fixed angling stations. This is never a problem though as there are cut out areas made for angling. Overall, Knypersley Reservoir is a very special place and is a part of the local history of angling.
Knypersley Reservoir is a well known bream water. Bags of over 200lb can easily be caught when the reservoirs in form. To back up the bream, are big roach, perch and quite a few pike. There are some carp present, although there aren't many, making them difficult to catch. Overall, Knypersley is without doubt, a specimen fishery with many large fish of different species present.
1. Fishing dawn to dusk only.
2. Approach the water by recognised paths only.
3. Close all gates.
4. No Dogs, No Fires, No Guns, No litter.
5. No Carp or pike to be kept in keepnets.
6. All unused bait to be taken home.
7. Matches as listed on the site notice boards must take priority.
NOTE: This venue is shared with other members of the Cheshire & N. Staffs Angling Association. Any angler in breach of the Association rules will automatically lose the right to fish and all associated clubs will be notified.

Address: Greenway Bank, Brindley Ford, ST8 7, Staffs, United Kingdom

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upton - 28th Jul 2021 at 9:38pm

hi, im in congleton anglers, so can i fish anywere on Knypersley Reservoir or do i have to fish a certain part of the reservoir? thanx for your time

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