Ellenhall Pools

Vale Royal Abbey, Whitegate, Northwich, CW8 2BA, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Rookery is an excellent water and is an ideal location for a Tench session. All pegs are facing the golf course or on the island where there are just 2 pegs. This water is right in the middle of Vale Royal Abbey Golf Course. This means careful access to the waters, around the tee & fairway of the 7th hole. Don't walk on the fairway as we get complaints and you may get a bang on the head from a white missile. The track to the water is quite a distance and once again its uphill at the end of the day. Please be very conscious of the litter issues, as we are granted access to the water from the golf club and they are concerned about litter and indeed other aspects of our presence.We have lost night fishing rights already because of the litter issue and may lose the whole pool if we dont start acting more carefully. Its up to you? There are more than a fair share of water insects around so if youre susceptible an insect repellant might be a good idea. RulesThis pool has only 6 pegs so therefore it is limited in its use by Members. The Pegs are situated on the Red Line shown in the Map Book. See also the Map on the Notice Board in the Car park. Junior Members wishing to fish this water MUST be accompanied by a Senior Member of the Association. Access is from the Car Park the entrance is opposite the Monkey Lodge on Whitegate Road which is behind the 7th Tee of the Vale Royal Golf Course and by following the public footpath on the left hand side of the Golf Course and by no other route. There is no Access from the Golf Club Side. Members caught or reported for crossing the Golf Course to gain access to this water will be banned from the Association. Due to the sensitivity of this water we ask that Members pay particular attention to the Rules regarding Litter and Fires.Night Fishing is NOT permitted on Rookery Pool.There is no close season on Rookery Pool.Keepnets are not allowed between March 15th & June 15th.

Address: Vale Royal Abbey, Whitegate, Northwich, CW8 2BA, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.northwich-anglers.org.uk

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mike adamson - 18th Jan 2019 at 12:55pm

what club does the fishing belong to

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