Willow Park Fishery Ltd

Newark Hill, Foston, Grantham, NG32 2LF, Lincs, United Kingdom

Willow Lakes Fishery is a mixed coarse fishery located near Foston, Grantham in Lincolnshire.This is one of the first commercial fisheries in the UK operating since 1980's. Today, Willow Lakes fishery offers 7 lakes with over 160 pegs. There are several disabled friendly pegs on each lake. Three lakes cater for the pleasure angler, 3 lakes for the club or open match anglers and the last lake can only be fished by holiday anglers staying in the hire accommodation or private caravans. All lakes are stocked to a high level to provide the variety and type of stillwater fishing. Poplar, Willow and Sycamore are pleasure lakes and are available for day-ticket fishing every day. No booking needed. Buy your permit from the day-ticket machine in the car park (coins required) and fish. Each lake is stocked in a slightly different way.Willow Lake is the main pleasure fishing lake on the complex and is an excellent summer fishery. There are four islands, two peninsulars and 21 pegs around the lake. The average depth of the lake is 4ft. It is stocked with Tench, Roach, Rudd, Skimmers, Chub & Crucians, and a very high number of Common, Mirror and Ghost Carp, between 1lb and 14lb in weight, but averaging 4lb to 8lb. Poplar Lake is an all year round general coarse fishery, stocked with lots of silver fish, Skimmers, Roach, Chub, Tench, Perch and Crucians. There is also a good head of Carp of all sizes from a few ounces upwards with lots of doubles and a few twenties.Sycamore Lake is a 19 peg water and between 3ft and 6ft deep, it is stocked with thousands of small Common, Mirror & Ghost Carp, Skimmer Bream, Tench, Chub, Rudd, Perch, Roach and Crucians. It really is fun fishing, with most fish under 2lb in weight. But there are a few big-boys to surprise and test you. Permits to fish must be purchased from the Day Ticket Machine in the car park BEFORE fishing. Fishing is from 6.00am to dusk; Night Fishing is not allowed.Chestnut, Ash and Hawthorn form the 80 peg match fishery.Ash Lake is the original match lake with 25 pegs. Figure-of-eight shaped with 2 islands, every peg can fish across to the islands at 12-14 metres.The average depth of the lake is 4ft. Best match weight 139lb 8oz. Occasional multiple ton-plus match weights from this lake.Chestnut Lake is long and oval, with a central line of four islands. There are 25 pegs and all can fish over to the islands at 12-14 metres. Depth 3ft at one end and 5ft at the other. There are a lot more small fish in here than in the other two match lakes, particularly Tench and Crucians. A 3hr evening match was won with 95lb 12oz from peg 12 on this lake. Best match weight 168lb 10oz from peg 14. Hawthorn Lake is unusually shaped. With seven long thin islands with lots of gaps and two peninsulars, it twists and turns. There are 30 pegs around the lake and all can fish over to the islands at 11-13 metres. The average depth is 3-4ft. The big Ghosties in this lake are well known for charging off through the gaps and round the islands. You have been warned! Also there are lots of Tench and Skimmers in this lake. Best weight 164lb 4oz from peg 11.

Address: Newark Hill, Foston, Grantham, NG32 2LF, Lincs, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.willowlakesfishery.co.uk/

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