Wylands Angling Centre

Powdermill Ln, Battle TN33 0SU

New Specimen lake

The New Specimen lake, which has a surface area of around 2 acres, is complemented by an island that gives most swimmers access to private water. Recent improvements include the clearance of the overgrown island, the addition of new swims, the installation of wood chip pathways, and the removal of a significant number of single-figured fish.

The preexisting fish have grown at incredible rates as a consequence, and hence the lake now has a good population of carp that weigh at least 20 pounds and some that weigh more than 35 pounds.

Old Specimen lake

A picturesque and quiet lake, the Old Specimen lake is a circular 3 acre body of water close to the New Specimen at the base of the complex. The carp population is considerable, averaging 6 to 15 pounds with some exceeding 20. It is a productive body of water that, on the correct day, may provide several catches.

Middle Lake

Middle Lake is a tough intermediate body of water that is approximately 2 acres in size and has a large number of carp with some of them reaching up to 30 pounds. Due to its near proximity to all the amenities, this lake is well-liked.

Rosies Lake

Its 2 acres are surrounded by reed beds, water lilies, and an island at one end. Due to the ease of access, it is appropriate for impaired anglers. Rosies has a healthy population of Crucian and grass carp, including one that weighed 21 pounds! Large numbers of fish may also be caught using the feeder or carp methods, while some of the bigger fish are taken off the top using bread and a bubble float.

Snake lake

On the Snake Lake portion of our match, there are now extensive renovations being made. Fish mobility has improved as a result, and the match location is now less muddy. Many competitions have been won with nets that are over 100 pounds, and on the correct day, over 200 pounds have been caught! On days when there are no matches, day ticket holders may also use The Snake.

Field Lake

The Field lake is a good location for exposing young people to fishing. It is stocked with a great quantity of Carp weighing between 2 and 8 pounds on average. This 1 acre lake is discretely hidden away at the complex's entrance and often yields a fish every throw! In addition to the Carp, there is a healthy population of Roach and Rudd. This lake is the ideal location for hosting winter matches; please contact a staff member for further information.

House Lake

House Lake is among the most popular bodies of water. This 2 acre lake is conveniently placed near the Snack Bar, Tackle Shop, and Reception. It is comprised of three islands where many carp patrol. The lake includes four accessible swimming areas that are readily accessible from the road.

The lake hosts a big population of hungry Carp ranging in size from single digits to mid-teens. There are plenty of Roach, Bream, and Hybrids available for coarse fisherman. There are also occasional Tench and little Barbel among them.

Day ticket
Disabled access
Carp over 35lbs

Address: Powdermill Ln, Battle TN33 0SU
Website: http://www.wylands.co.uk/

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Nedim Suat Urunsak - 21st Aug 2021 at 10:25am

I’m thinking of taking my great-nephews (12 & 14 years old) to fish at your lake. Could you please tell me about the daily prices? Thank you. Suat.

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