Pasture Wood Fisheries

Pasture Road N, Barton upon Humber, DN18 5RB, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Since May 2013, Pasture Wood Fisheries, previously Pasture House Fisheries Ltd., has reopened. Pasture Wood Fisheries is made up of two different lakes that encompass an area of 8.4 acres. From sunrise to dark, 365 days a year, they run a day ticket fishery. The cost of a day ticket has increased to £5 for one rod and £7 for two rods.

Pasture Wood Fisheries hosts club competitions as well as occasional open tournaments throughout the year. The 5.9-acre Main Lake is located to the right of the track that traverses the length of the facility. It features 46 fishing pegs and a route that connects them all.

Pegs 17 to 29 have depths ranging from 5 feet to over 20 feet. Bream are the most prevalent species on this lake, with individuals weighing over 10 pounds being captured. Bream in this lake are usually caught with worms and casters on a groundbait feeder. Roach and Ide may grow to be over 2 pounds and can be caught with a fishing rod and maggot or caster in the deeps.

The bigger carp prefer to congregate in this huge body of water, with some exceeding 35 pounds and hundreds exceeding 10 pounds. These may be caught using a variety of ways and baits, however fusion boilies have shown to be the most effective. There are also a lot of tench in the lake, with fish up to 6 pounds being common. Good nets of fish are frequent throughout the summer months, with match weights often surpassing 100 pounds and pleasure catches considerably greater. However, with so many fish in the lake, this weight will continue to rise year after year.

A wooden bridge connects the southern end of the Main lake to The Neck, a 1.3-acre lake. The Neck has an average depth of roughly 4 feet, and here is where the huge fish breed. There are 20 designated fishing pegs, 9 on one side and 11 on the other, plus 7 double pegs specifically for Cabin occupants near the southern end in front of the Holiday Cabins. Carp, tench, bream, roach, ide, rudd, and barble may all be found in this pond.

The pole is the most popular option, but you'll need a good one! Matches have often been won with catches of over 100 pounds, while pleasure catches routinely surpass this. There will be plenty of bites. Even in the winter, this lake is a fantastic setting for club matches.

Carp over 35lb

Address: Pasture Road N, Barton upon Humber, DN18 5RB, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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Anonymous - 22nd Dec 2018 at 1:30pm

the iron & steel a. c. would like to book a match on the canal lake on sunday july 28th wait for your reply martin

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