Hayfield Fishing Lakes

Hayfield Lane, Auckely, DN9 3NP, Doncaster, United Kingdom

This is one of the premier match waters in Yorkshire. There are 2 waters on the site that are owned by the enigmatic Robin Goforth.
The first water that you will see is Adams Lake. It actually looks like 2 Lakes, but they are interlinked in a figure of 8 shape, with a bridge over the small water. There are over 60 pegs to fish from.
The larger of the lakes was formerly known as Lucy's Lake, and is now named Island Lake. The island that features near the top of the lake is known as Danny's Island. This water has over 80 pegs.

Address: Hayfield Lane, Auckely, DN9 3NP, Doncaster, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.hayfieldlakes.co.uk

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