Cusworth Hall Lakes

Coach House Drive, Cusworth, DN5 7, Doncaster, United Kingdom

Following the restoration of Cusworth Hall and its gardens, new plans will mean that local residents will be able to enjoy the flourishing natural habitat and wildlife.
Since the refurbishment works, a thriving natural environment has been established in and around the lakes, which includes the protected Water Voles species and the regionally rare, green flowered, hellebore. The grounds have also been acknowledged as a Site of Scientific Interest with open water, swamp, mixed woodland and grassland areas and it is unusual to find such a variety of habitats in one place.
In order to protect this unique ecology, Doncaster Council has decided that fishing will not be resumed at the lakes. This is due to a number of factors, including the presence of the protected species, and the availability of a number of other fishing sites across the borough.
The decision comes after the council held an independent Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and a public consultation, which found that more residents did not want fishing to return.
Jane Miller, Director of Neighbourhoods and Communities, said: ‘Cusworth Hall is one of the borough’s treasures and it’s important that we protect the wildlife on site for local people and their families to enjoy. The decision to not make fishing available at Cusworth has been considered fully, involving the views of local people, and residents can still of course enjoy angling at other sites across the borough.’

Address: Coach House Drive, Cusworth, DN5 7, Doncaster, United Kingdom

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Ruby - Reviewed 11st Aug 2020 at 2:35pm

An amazing place to walk plenty of fish birds and most of all flowered it is one lovely place to ok with your family or bye your self

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