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Bury Hill Fisheries Limited The BoathouseOld Bury Hill Westcott, Nr Dorking Surrey RH4 3JU


A 200-year-old tree-lined Victorian Estate Lake surrounded by irises and lilies. At 12 acres there are 75 pegs. Old Bury Hill or the ‘Old Lake’ as it is known holds a fantastic head of specimen carp with several 30’s and plenty of doubles and 20’s, and is also noted for huge catches of specimen tench and bream, and outstanding winter predator sport with numerous double-figure zander and pike to 30 lb plus. Fishing is available from both the bank or from purpose built punts giving access to the famous 'jungle', which is noted for its huge catches of specimen tench.


Milton at 30 pegs is stocked with large numbers of tench, crucian carp, roach, rudd, perch and bream as well as a few smaller carp to allow anglers to find a haven away from the tackle-busting doubles and 20-pounders that often muscle in elsewhere on the complex. Pleasure catches to 250 lb are commonplace during the spring and summer months whilst match hauls routinely exceed 100 lb.


A 20 peg lake full of hard fighting small carp averaging 3-4 lb for great carp crunching sport, with tench, roach, rudd and bream for variety. A venue for beefy pole elastic or powerful float and feeder rods, Bonds regularly out-fishes all other lakes due to the head of greedy carp under 10 lb. Pleasure catches average well over 50 lb during the warmer months, the two hour match record is a massive 86 lb and top match weight over 300lb making it very popular for club bookings.


Old Bury Hill’s land of the giants, Temple is an unashamed out-and-out specimen carp venue, the result of a £350,000 investment in 2003 when a tailor made big carp lake was constructed and stocked with pedigree English carp. Every bite results in a carp over 20 lb, averaging around 25 lb. Temple currently holds up to a dozen different 30-pounders which run to upper 30s. Temple is run on an exclusive membership basis with an annual joining fee. Click here to find out more about Temple Lake. Click here to link to Membership details.

Carp up to 40lb
Pike to 30lb

Address: Bury Hill Fisheries Limited The BoathouseOld Bury Hill Westcott, Nr Dorking Surrey RH4 3JU
Website: http://www.buryhillfisheries.co.uk/

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Fishery questions


Anonymous - 20th Sep 2018 at 3:55pm

How much is it to fish

Anonymous - replied on 22nd Nov 2019 at 1:29pm

Don't bover place is shit It's got worse fish wise year on year. You will be waisting your money.

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Ken - Reviewed 22nd Nov 2019 at 1:26pm

Agree with George old bury hill is being run badly fishing is getting worse and worse went predietor/carping 3 nights in October and caught not one fish. Cost me 70 quid place is now just being totally miss managed and the house is just spooling the old lake. I will not be re joining in 2020 either. Other fisheries like furnes are better no membership run well and organised better fishing and much cheaper.

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George - Reviewed 30th Oct 2019 at 7:20pm

Old bury hill is rubbish the place is badly run down now the owner has his home on the old lake which use to be the boat house as for the fishing it gets worse year on year I have caught less for the last two years and it is now to expensive having to pay a members fee the the cost to fish the pictures being shown are not up to date pictures i will not be joining for 2020 the old lake should be teaming with fish but there is less coming out each year what has happened were has the fish gone.

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