North Road Farm, North Rd, Tattershall Thorpe, Lincoln LN4 4PQ

Beaufighter Lake: The lake is home to carp measuring up to 25 pounds.

Lake Halifax is an 8-acre area of water surrounded with 35 pegs. Mirror and Common Carp, Tench, Rudd, and Roach are just a few of the occupants. Carp are the dominating species, averaging 6 lb in weight. Additionally, there are numerous doubles and specimen fish above 28 pounds. Tench can weigh up to four pounds.

Lake Hurricane is up to seven feet deep and stocked with carp and tench to a maximum weight of seven pounds.

Lancaster Lake, the complex's largest lake, is now a syndicated lake.

Spitfire and Hurricane are mature lakes totaling around 2 acres and 16 pegs. Spitfire is the deepest, with a maximum depth of 13ft. It is stocked with carp weighing up to 22 pounds, Crucian Carp, Ghost Carp, and Tench weighing up to six pounds.

Lake Stirling

Stirling is the largest pleasure/match lake in the area, measuring 10 acres and containing forty pegs. Mirror, Common, and Ghost Carp weighing up to 28lb, Tench weighing up to 7lb, and Bream/Perch weighing up to 3lb are all present in the lake.

Lake Wellington is a 16-acre lake with a wooded area of 5 acres. It is currently a syndicate carp lake.

Carp up to 41lb
Tench up to 11lb
Pike up to 28lb

Address: North Road Farm, North Rd, Tattershall Thorpe, Lincoln LN4 4PQ

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Donald - Reviewed 25th May 2022 at 8:02am

Dont believe this lake has not any pike fish and this idiots who care about that lake take to much money for it and he so rasist bastard. Dont go to fishing there

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Jon H - Reviewed 11st May 2022 at 3:14pm

First time fishing here, what a brilliant days Bream fishing on Hurricane lake. 11 bream all around 5/7lb and a few nice Roach to add. this water is 5/7ft deep, but must be like the Himalayas as there a big droop off's and rises. use a large hook bait 8mm are you will hounded by roach. £10 is a lot if your only fishing one rod at a time but the standard of fish make it worth the cash, with not many bream waters around Lin's this was a top day fishing. looking forward to my next trip.

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