Shallowbrook Lakes - Snipe Lake

Shallowbrook Lakes, Town House Rd, Old, Costessey, Norwich NR5 0LA

The Snipe lake is roughly 2.5 acres in size with 20 fishable swims to pick from. Depths range between 10 and 18 feet.

There are a number of species in the lake such as Tench, Bream, Eeels, Roach, Road and Perch up to 4lb. 

Opening hours

March - October
Day ticket (7am - 7pm)
Night fishing (7pm - 7am)

October ~ March
Day ticket opening (dawn - dusk)
Night fishing (dusk - dawn)


Day ticket: £10
Night Fishing: £12
24hr fishing (From time of purchase): £20


- No surface fishing or floating baits allowed.
- A maximum of two rods to be used per swim.
- Micro-barbed or barbless hooks only, barbed-hooks are not permitted.
- Maximum of 2 people per swim.
- Safe rigs only, no braided mainline is allowed.
- Lure fishing is only allowed from the Snipe lake between Oct 31st - 1st March.
- Live baiting is not permitted.
- Keepnets are only to be used in matches, no carp are allowed be kept in them.
- Unhooking matts should be used at all times.
- No nuts of any kind.

Please refer to for a full list of rules. 


Day ticket
Perch up to 4lb

Address: Shallowbrook Lakes, Town House Rd, Old, Costessey, Norwich NR5 0LA

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