Moore Quarry

Moore Lane, Moore, WA4 6, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Access to this water is strictly Members Only.Moore Quarry is a special water. The peaceful surroundings are highly valued by the members who fish here.This site is Association-owned, and is a former sand quarry, situated next to the Manchester Ship Canal near to the village of Moore, 2 miles west of Warrington. The water is extremely clear and there is a huge depth range (over 40 feet in places).The Quarry has undergone many changes over the past 20 years.Changes in the local water table due to abstraction have resulted in the water level in the quarry increasing by over 12' since the days when the club created the original paths, access road and platforms around the fishery. It was then famous for the bream shoals and specimen perch. Carp were present, but largely ignored by anglers. The bays which used to be full of lily pads are now to deep to support the plant growth.Today, the Quarry is one of the club's flagship specimen fisheries. Dont be fooled though, this is not a 'runs' water. Fishing can be challenging. The fish here are old and wily, and to catch them requires patience and watercraft. You will not catch on every visit.

Address: Moore Lane, Moore, WA4 6, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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