Glenleigh Farm Fisheries

Glenleigh Farm, Sticker, PL26 7JB, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Glenleigh Farm Fishery was established in the early 1970’s. With a pure free flowing natural stream Glenleigh Lake is a delightful place to quietly walk around or try your luck or skill) with fantastic fishing.
It is stocked with great assortment of fish including carp, tench, perch and roach with some large specimen catches every year. It is easily accessible with 20 platforms.
There is a large car park and disabled access. The Fishery is open dawn until dusk and day tickets are available on the bank. Normal fishery rules apply and are available at the entrance to the lake.

Address: Glenleigh Farm, Sticker, PL26 7JB, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Steven Johm - Reviewed 2nd Sep 2023 at 5:44am

Three years further on from my review, I re-visited this compact but lovely tranquil pond (Yes, it's a pond - not a lake). It's become quite overgrown and some of the swims are starting to disappear. Despite this its still very popular and I do love just how natural and idyllic the surroundings are. The decent fish are still as shy and elusive as ever and the small fry are still a nuisance seizing upon anything that hits the water. But I have to say this is fishing as nature intended and such a refreshing change from the ever increasing commercial fisheries catering for camping and caravaning holidaymakers sadly so typical now of Cornwall. Personally I'd much rather sit peacefully and enjoy the surroundings of a natural pond than be surrounded by the camouflage wearing trolley pulling 'bivvie' bridgade armed with gadgets and electronic devices. The more decent fish here may be more few and far between but it's much better than the dreary, artificial, modern day characterless, commercial fisheries. It's relative remoteness fortunately tends to hide it away from casual walkers and visitors too - a real blessing when you just want to concentrate on your fishing and relax. Give me Glenleigh any day!????

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Steven John - Reviewed 10th Jul 2020 at 7:27pm

This is a really pretty pond, even the photo doesn't do it justice. It's a wonderful place to unwind. I've fished it about a dozen or so times over the past decade. It hasn't really changed much and just matured really. I never cease to be amazed by the side variety of wildlife I see. The pond isn't deep and there are some impressive Lily beds and overhanging trees providing cover and interesting swims. There pond holds some decent fish though they don't make themselves obvious. It's also stream fed and I suspect that this together with the healthy stock of vegetation provides an ample supply of natural food. Consequently the stock are a bit backward in coming forward when it comes to feeding so they are hard to catch. On the other hand there are a myriad of Roach and Rudd that seize upon anything that hits the water and frankly their shear numbers make them a bit of a nuisance. Give it a go. It's a magical place. Just be prepared for the small fry !

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