Upgrade to a BOOSTED Featured listing

As you know anglers spend huge sums of money on their pursuit, and are ALWAYS looking for new lakes to go fishing. And believe me an upgraded listing is GOING to send people your way.

We currently receive over 90,000 users per month from fishing enthusiasts looking for new and exciting locations. And by upgrading your listing you will ensure your location is at the top of our directory, ensuring a new and steady influx of visitors.

Here are some of the features you get access to when you upgrade your listing:

  • Your lake will be featured at the top of the fishing listing pages.
  • Your listing is boosted on all searches.
  • Your fishery will be marketed to our users via email and notifications.
  • Your fishery will be advertised on our home page.
  • You will gain an increased presence on our fishing map.
  • You will receive unlimited fishery updates.

You get all this for only £100 a year, which works out to just £8.33 per month which is much less than the average price of a single day ticket

Where else can you find advertising so economical and effective?

To get started simply head over to My fisheries page and select a fishery to BOOST. If you havent created a fishery yet you can create one here.

Screenshots of upgraded features