Top 10 pike fishing spots in Cheshire

May 23, 2023

Cheshire, located in the heart of England, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and charming waterways, making it an ideal destination for pike fishing enthusiasts. With its rich history and diverse fishing spots, Cheshire offers an array of opportunities to catch the elusive pike. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 10 pike fishing spots in Cheshire, each offering a unique angling experience amidst stunning natural surroundings. We have over 150 fishery listings for Cheshire, to find out more click here.

1. Shropshire Union Canal

The Shropshire Union Canal winds its way through Cheshire, offering pike anglers a tranquil and scenic fishing experience. This historic waterway provides a variety of fishing spots, including stretches near Waverton and Chester, where pike lurk in the depths. With its calm waters and abundant vegetation, the canal is an excellent choice for anglers seeking both solitude and a chance to land some impressive pike.

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2. Lymm Dam

Nestled within the charming village of Lymm, Lymm Dam is a true gem for pike fishing enthusiasts. This picturesque reservoir covers approximately 21 acres and boasts depths that are perfect for pike habitat. Surrounded by lush woodlands and teeming with fish, Lymm Dam offers a peaceful retreat for anglers seeking to reel in some trophy-sized pike.

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3. Hatch Mere

Hatch Mere, a tranquil lake situated near Warrington, is renowned for its pike fishing opportunities. Surrounded by verdant landscapes and with crystal-clear waters, this picturesque lake presents anglers with an excellent chance to land some impressive pike. The diverse features of Hatch Mere, including submerged vegetation and underwater structures, create an enticing habitat for these formidable predators.

4. Combermere Lake

Combermere Lake, located near the village of Whitchurch, is a hidden gem for pike fishing in Cheshire. This sprawling lake covers over 100 acres, providing ample space for anglers to explore. With its reed-lined banks, sunken islands, and submerged structures, Combermere Lake offers both challenge and excitement for pike fishing enthusiasts.

5. Redesmere

Redesmere, nestled in the heart of Cheshire, is a charming lake that has become a favorite among local anglers. This natural lake covers approximately 25 acres and is teeming with pike. Anglers can cast their lines from its picturesque banks, surrounded by woodland and picturesque scenery, as they try their luck at catching some of Redesmere’s prized pike.

6. Rudyard Lake

Stretching across the borders of Cheshire and Staffordshire, Rudyard Lake is a stunning reservoir renowned for its excellent pike fishing. With its clear waters and diverse underwater structures, Rudyard Lake provides anglers with ample opportunities to encounter pike. Surrounded by rolling hills and dense woodlands, this lake offers a truly immersive fishing experience.

7. Blakemere Pool

Blakemere Pool, situated near Sandiway, is a captivating fishing destination for pike enthusiasts. This picturesque pool spans approximately 37 acres and is home to a healthy population of pike. With its weedy areas, submerged features, and secluded spots, Blakemere Pool offers a challenge for anglers while rewarding them with the chance to land some sizable pike.

8. Whitegate Pool

Whitegate Pool, nestled amidst the beautiful Cheshire countryside, is a serene fishing spot renowned for its pike angling opportunities. This idyllic lake covers around 12 acres and provides anglers with a peaceful retreat as they try their luck at catching the elusive pike. The clear waters and varied underwater features of Whitegate Pool make it an enticing location for pike fishing.

9. Winsford Flash

Winsford Flash, a large lake near the town of Winsford, offers an exhilarating pike fishing experience for avid anglers. This expansive water body provides plenty of room to explore and presents various fishing opportunities. With its open waters and hidden corners, Winsford Flash is a prime location to encounter pike and test your angling skills.

10. Bosley Reservoir

Nestled within the verdant hills of the Peak District, Bosley Reservoir is a haven for pike fishing enthusiasts in Cheshire. With its breathtaking scenery and expansive water surface, this reservoir provides an immersive angling experience. Anglers can expect to encounter pike of considerable size as they cast their lines into Bosley Reservoir’s inviting waters.

Cheshire’s diverse waterways and stunning landscapes offer a plethora of pike fishing spots for anglers of all skill levels. From tranquil canals to picturesque lakes, each location mentioned in this article provides a unique angling experience with the opportunity to catch some impressive pike. So, pack your gear, explore these top 10 pike fishing spots in Cheshire, and embark on an unforgettable angling adventure in this angler’s paradise.