Paradise Estate Lake

Epping Forest, London, E11 1, Essex, United Kingdom

This Lake was taken on in 2004 and has proved a winner both in its stocks and appearance. Absolute quiet in private gardens in the middle of Epping Forest surrounded by trees this Lake makes you feel that you are in a lost land. We have carried out extensive works on the banks to allow easy comfortable fishing. One platform and eleven flat bank swims (some doubles) give access to the whole Lake and islands for both float and ledger fishing.The stock consists of Carp (common and mirrors) to 23lbs, Koi Carp to 14lbs, Roach to 1.5lbs and Perch to 2.5lbs. We have yet to find any Tench that we were told resided in the Lake when we took it over.There are no real snags so it is ideal for fishing light either on the pole or on a good old fashioned [so my son tells me] float on a running line, light quiver tipping can also give plenty of heart stopping sport.On most days (even Christmas Eve 2006) when the suns warms the water Ghost Koi, some almost pure white, can be seen cruising around the island, mid water and margins.On the approach to the main Lake we have a small Lake that we have cleared and is full of small carp ideal for youngsters but due to the banks they must be accompanied by an adult at all timesThe car parking is in the estate around 100 yards from the Lake which is reached along a grassy path, through a locked gate and through the old orchard. Early summer morning arrivals are met by rabbits, deer, herons and foxes. During the day goldfinches, green finches, woodpeckers and kingfishers are a common sight.The Lake has a lock and is strictly private property for members only, we do have guests tickets available from the Secretary, these allow members to take a guest with them.

Address: Epping Forest, London, E11 1, Essex, United Kingdom

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