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Tadley, RG26 3PZ, Hants, United Kingdom

Whitehouse Farm: This well-established lake, located adjacent to Tadley Market, is home to a healthy population of decent-sized carp and bream, as well as tench, roach, and perch. The combination for the island padlock is the same as the code for the lake's main gate, as specified in your permission. Please ensure that you secure the island gate after fishing.

All vehicles must be parked either inside the gate or in the main car park, which is also used for the Sunday market.

Soke Road: This venue is comprised of three tiny linked lakes that are home to a healthy population of varied fish of all sizes.

As you exit the parking lot, the first lake on your right is Lake 1, which is significantly deeper than the rest. If you're searching for bream and skimmers, this is the one to try. Lake 1 does, however, contain several carp in the double digits. Lake 2 is on your left as you exit the parking lot, while Lake 3 is farther along. On Lakes 2 and 3, the primary target species is carp, but bream, roach, and perch are also available.

At Soke Road, all vehicles must be parked in the designated parking space and must never be driven past the bottom of the hill.

Barlows Lakes: New Barlows is the lake just across from the Mobile Home park. It is substantially deeper than the rest of our lakes, so please use caution. New Barlows features a healthy population of mixed species, with double figure carp, large bream, and quickly expanding barbel serving as the primary objectives, but chub, skimmers, roach, perch, and ide also make an appearance.

Old Barlows is a "Mr Crabtree" lake with magnificent lily beds that provide appealing summer features and swims that are substantially shallower than those at the New lake. While it also produces a large number of fish, it has a tendency to shut down when there are a large number of fishermen on the bank, making it better suitable to pleasure sessions than match fishing. In Spring 2021, two thousand tiny F1s were released into the lake, which should result in an increase in bites this Summer.

Address: Tadley, RG26 3PZ, Hants, United Kingdom

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Robin Hughes - 27th Mar 2022 at 3:56pm

I am looking for a balanced fishery, Not a carp lake. Syndicate rather than day ticket although the later is ok too. Uncrowded, quiet, peaceful Anglers. Fair to good sized Tench, Bream, Rudd, Roach and Perch. Pike as well! Please kindly advise. I live near Reading RG2 9. My range is about 20 miles

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