Horsham lake

Horsham Hill, Upchurch, ME9 7, Kent, United Kingdom

Horsham Lake is a coarse fishing venue located near Upchurch in Kent. The lake is suitable for any type of anglers, very popular for families. It contains a variety of fish including Carp to 24lbs, Roach to 2lbs, also contains a few Tench, Rudd and Pike. If you are looking for specimen lake then this is not the place for you but it is very suitable for beginners with a good chance of catching.Typical match tactics work well with no particular bait standing out. All the usual suspects will work on the right day such as corn, meat, worm, pellet and paste. More important is to feed accurately and consistently on a little and often basis. Making sure you feed in a tight and controlled area whether on the bottom or using a float.The fishery has good facilities with ample parking along one side of the lake. Swims are well made and easy to access for all anglers.

Address: Horsham Hill, Upchurch, ME9 7, Kent, United Kingdom

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