Monk Lakes

Staplehurst Rd, Marden TN12 9BS


A five-acre specimen lake with a sculpted bottom, nine-foot-deep holes, and lily patches. Reads, rushes, and iris are planted along the natural edges. Only the most experienced fisherman with the correct equipment should attempt to fish this lake. It will include the ultimate prize of 45-pound carp, with just a few fish under 20 pounds. At any one moment, the number of anglers is restricted to 10. Anglers are allowed to use three rods, so there should be plenty of room to place baits in various directions to optimize your chances. Advance reservations are required.


A sixteen-acre leisure lake with a natural planting of submerged and marginal water plants, created so that every fisherman has a feature to fish to. The five bridges to the islands, as well as reed and lily beds, are only a few of the attractions. All tactics, including carp, float, and feeder angling, work effectively on this lake. There is plenty of opportunity for Carp fishing, with a healthy population of Mirror, Ghost, and Common Carp that will delight night fishermen. Bridges Lake and its neighboring lake Puma are intended to provide all of our anglers with a natural environment in a beautiful section of Kent, with the River Beult only meters away. Because there is so much room, you may be far away from other fisherman. Carp, barbel, bream, tench, and dace are among the species.


Three islands dot a ten-acre leisure lake. The edges are naturally planted with reeds, rushes, and iris, some of which are fairly shallow. A central gravel bar and deeper regions, as well as a number of lily beds, may be found. It's stocked with a wide variety of coarse fish, including Carp up to 30 pounds. This lake's bottom is like a golf course, with several underwater features that will put your angling abilities to the test. You will be able to drive around the property and park close to where you fish if the weather is dry. These lakes will be accessible to everybody, especially our impaired fishermen, thanks to the proximity of water and electricity. Carp, barbel, bream, tench, and dace are among the species.

There are 4 match lakes on the venue, which consists of the following.


The lake is 2.5 acres in size and has 44 pegs, all of which may be fished. This lake produces large bags of mixed fish on a daily basis from appropriate platforms within easy walking distance of the parking lot. The lake is well-balanced in terms of biodiversity. Carp, barbel, bream, tench, and chub are among the species.


The "Barbel" lake is a four-acre body of water. It features 46 pegs, hefty weights, and fishing platforms on the shore. This lake also offers large bags of mixed fish from comfortable platforms only a short walk from the car lot. Carp, barbel, tench, chub, bream, and roach are among the species.


A 45-peg match-fishing lake with bank platforms that is three and a half acres in size. This lake features a diverse range of wildlife, including a few big surprises! Carp, barbel, green and golden tench, chub, bream, and roach are among the species.


A 1.5-acre match-fishing lake with 29 pegs and bank platforms. Carp, bream, tench, and barbel are among the species.



Day ticket
Disabled access
Carp to 45lb

Address: Staplehurst Rd, Marden TN12 9BS

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