Hawkhurst - Quarry Lake

Hawkhurst Fish Farm Hastings Road Hawkhurst Kent TN18 4RT

A popular water that is only available for day passes. This lake is densely stocked, with catfish up to 40 pounds (any catfish above 40 pounds is removed from the lake for their own safety) and carp up to 22 pounds. This lake is ideal for a fruitful and enjoyable day of fishing, with a decent possibility of catching both carp and catfish.

Current records: 22lb 8oz Common - August 2021.
Catfish weighing 40 pounds will be available in August 2020.

It's a natural lake with a 12-foot-deep pit in the centre and a gravel bed, with depths ranging from 8 feet around the hole to 1 to 2 feet around the sides. The bank is made up of both silty and rocky regions. It is surrounded by reeds and has 12 huge jetties. Some of these jetties have parking right next to them, making it easy to get your gear out and ideal for our handicapped anglers.

On this carp and catfish enjoyment lake, we require that you use a 10lb minimum breaking strain line, a minimum 42?? landing net, and a 110x70cm cushioned unhooking mat.

Day ticket
Carp up to 22lb
Catfish up to 40lb

Address: Hawkhurst Fish Farm Hastings Road Hawkhurst Kent TN18 4RT
Website: https://hawkhurstfishfarm.co.uk/

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