Springwood Fisheries

Rosemary Lane, Wadhurst, TN5 7QA, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Springwood Fishery, which is on the border between Kent and Sussex, has a lot to offer. We offer short fishing trips for singles, couples, and families. We own a variety of lodges that can fit any size group.

We have four full-grown lakes. Some of them have Carp that weigh more than 30 pounds, and our big Cat Fish often weigh more than 60 pounds.

Top Pool

When you walk into our fishery, Top Pool is the water on your left. It is great for old or disabled anglers because the banks are flat and it is right next to the parking lot. This is our most family-friendly pool, with picnic tables where people who aren't fishing can eat and hang out. Top Pool is the smallest and easiest place to fish on site. Depths can be anywhere between 18 inches and 5 feet.

The Common, Mirror, and Grass Carp in Top Pool are all over 20 pounds. You can also catch Bream up to 3 pounds, Tench, and Perch. For Silver fish, the most popular baits are maggots, sweet corn, and pellets. For Carp, the most popular baits are luncheon meat, bread, and pellets.

Floating baits like bread and dog biscuits can work well in the summer, when fish can be seen swimming on or just below the surface of the water. During times when there are a lot of people fishing, it can be helpful to fish on the edges of the water, away from other anglers.

Top Pool is the best place to go if you want to fish with friends or family in a calm setting. It's easy to get to and fishing isn't hard, so it's great for anyone who just wants to relax by a lake.

Spring Pool:

The largest of our areas of water, Spring Pool is three acres in size and can accommodate at least 20 fishermen at once. A peninsula in Spring Pool connects to an island where you may fish in the majority of the lake. The best spot to go is Spring Pool if you want to capture a huge fish. Here, anglers may catch catfish that weigh more than 60 pounds as well as common, mirror, and grass carp that weigh up to 30 pounds. Additionally, the Spring Pool offers rudd up to approximately 2 pounds, bream up to 6 pounds, perch up to 4 pounds, and tench up to 8 pounds.

Spring Pool is surrounded by trees and bushes in a beautiful wooded area. A path goes all the way around the lake so you can get to the pegs. There are also paths that lead to small dead-ends with secluded pegs for anglers who want to hide from other people fishing in the same area.

Spring Pool is 14 feet deep in the middle, making it the deepest of the four lakes. Its sides gently slope towards the center. This means that anglers who fish with a pole or a waggler need to know the depth. Most anglers go fishing ready to use modern or traditional carping techniques with strong lines, which are necessary to catch big Catfish and Carp.

The most common baits for Carp are halibut pellets, boilies, and meat, while the best baits for Catfish are large halibut pellets, big chunks of meat, and bunches of lobworms.

Long Pool:

Long Pool, which is often used for minor club tournaments, is the first one you reach after descending the slope from the two lodges closest to the parking lot. There are pegs available, but if you like, you may also fish from the grass. The lengthy pool has sharply sloping sides that descend to a maximum depth of around 6-7 feet.

In general, the fish in Long Pool are a little bit bigger than those in Top Pool. The Grass Carp may reach 25 pounds, while the Common and Mirror Carp can reach 20 to 30 pounds. Along with the carp, we also have nice supplies of perch that are of a respectable size and have in the past been caught up to 4 pounds. There is also a sizable amount of Rudd, which weighs around 1 lb.

Maggots, sweetcorn, pellets, and bread all perform well here, just as they do in the pools stated before. Paste baits have also sometimes been known to work well. As with most pools, floating baits perform best in the summer. To attract the attention of the local fish during your visit, consider putting in a few free offers at regular intervals.

Please be aware that Long Pool does not allow night fishing.

Beech Pool:

This half-acre pool is surrounded by trees and bushes on all sides, and a path goes all the way around the water. Anglers who like to try new things will like Beech Pool. It has six pegs, but you can fish from the bank in other places if you want to. Large Catfish and Carp are still the biggest fish in Beech Pool. Some Grass Carp have been caught that were as heavy as 30 pounds. Common and Mirror Carp can get up to 26 pounds, and Tench, Perch, Bream, and Rudd can get up to 5 pounds.

The is up to 14 feet deep and has steeply sloping banks down to the middle. It can be fished on the ledger or the feeder.

Catfish can be caught with large halibut pellets, slices of meat, and/or lobworms. Carp, on the other hand, can be caught with boilies, pellets, and sweetcorn. Maggots, casters, expander pellets, and bread flakes work well for catching the smaller fish in Beech Pool. The best bait for catching perch is maggots and worms.

Day ticket
Carp to 30lb
Catfish over 60lb

Address: Rosemary Lane, Wadhurst, TN5 7QA, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Website: http://springwoodfishery.co.uk

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