Springwood Fisheries

Rosemary Lane, Wadhurst, TN5 7QA, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Springwood Fishery, on the Kent/Sussex boundary, has a lot to offer. Short fishing trips are our specialty, and we cater to both singles and families. We have a range of lodges to accommodate any party size.

We have four mature lakes, some of which hold Carp weighing over 30 pounds, and our huge Cat Fish often exceed 60 pounds! Springwood Fishery also has the advantage of being located within walking distance to the Bewl Water Reservoir and the trout fishing it has to offer.

Top Pool

Because to its level banks and proximity to the car park, the lake is perfect for elderly and handicapped fisherman. We've supplied picnic tables where non-anglers may dine and relax, making this our most family-friendly pool. Top Pool is the smallest on the property and therefore the simplest to fish. Top Pool features banks that slope down at 45 degrees to a very level bottom, making it ideal for novices. The depth ranges between 18 inches and 5 feet.

Carp up to 20 pounds can be found in the Top Pool, which contains Common, Mirror, and Grass Carp. Bream up to 3 pounds, tench, perch, and a few Golden Orfe are among the other species caught. Maggots, sweetcorn, and pellets are the most popular baits for silver fish, whereas luncheon meat, bread, and pellets are more popular with carp.

Floating baits like bread and dog biscuits can be effective throughout the summer, when the fish can be seen drifting on or just beneath the surface of the water. During peak times, fishing along the water's edge, away from other fishermen, might yield good results.

Top Pool is the greatest choice if you're seeking for a calm pool to fish with friends or family. Its convenient location and simple fishing make it ideal for anybody wishing to spend some time on the water.

Spring Pool:

Spring Pool, at three acres in area, is the largest of our pools and can handle at least 20 fishermen at a time. Spring Pool features a peninsula that leads to an island from which you may fish the bulk of the lake. Spring Pool is the place to go if you're searching for a huge catch. Catfish up to 60 pounds, as well as Common, Mirror, and Grass Carp up to 30 pounds, can be caught here. Spring Pool also has tench to 8lbs, bream to 6lbs, perch to 4lbs, and rudd to nearly 2lbs - if you're a specimen fisherman, this is the place to be!

Spring Pool is surrounded by trees and plants in a magnificent natural environment. Access to the pegs is provided by a trail that goes around the lake's perimeter. There are also paths leading to little cul-de-sacs with isolated pegs for fishermen who want to conceal from other anglers fishing in the same area.

Spring Pool is the deepest of the four lakes, measuring 14 feet deep in the center and with gently sloping shores. Most anglers go equipped to fish using contemporary or traditional carping tactics with strong lines, which are required to capture those huge Catfish and Carp, and this makes plumbing the depth vital for those who are fishing the pole or the waggler.

Long Pool:

Long Pool is the first pool you come to after coming down the road from the two lodges closest to the car lot. It is popular for minor club tournaments. There are pegs available, but you may also fish from the grass if you choose. The long pool features sharply descending walls to the bottom, with a maximum depth of 6-7 feet.

Long Pool's fish are somewhat bigger than those in Top Pool. The Common and Mirror Carp grow to reach between 20 and 30 pounds, while the Grass Carp grow to be around 25 pounds. We have nice supplies of moderately large Perch, which have been caught at up to 4lbs in the past, in addition to the Carp. There's also a decent amount of Rudd, which weighs roughly 1 pound.

Maggots, sweetcorn, pellets, and bread all perform well here, as they do in the other pools. In addition to these baits, paste baits have been known to work well on occasion. Floating baits perform best in the summer, as they do in most pools, and you may also profit from tossing in a few free offers at regular intervals throughout your stay to pique the curiosity of the local fish.

Beech Pool:

This half-acre pool is completely encircled by trees and plants, with a trail running around the outside. The more daring angler will enjoy Beech Pool. It has six pegs, but you may fish from the bank in other spots if you want to. Large Catfish and Carp are the most abundant fish in Beech Pool, with some especially amazing Grass Carp weighing up to 30 pounds recently taken. There are common and mirror carp up to 26 pounds, as well as smaller 5lb tench, perch, bream, and rudd.

The ledger or the feeder may be used to fish Beech Pool, which has a depth of up to 14 feet and steeply sloping banks down to the center. The pole and waggler can also be utilized in the shallower areas.

Large halibut pellets, slices of flesh, and/or lobworms work well for catching Catfish here, while boilies, pellets, and sweetcorn are advised for catching Carp. For the smaller species of fish in Beech Pool, maggots, casters, expander pellets, and bread flake perform particularly well, with maggot and worms being the best bait for capturing Perch.

Carp to 30lb
Catfish over 60lb

Address: Rosemary Lane, Wadhurst, TN5 7QA, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Website: http://springwoodfishery.co.uk

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