Chase Waters

Dagenham Road, Rush Green, RM7 0, Essex, United Kingdom

Chase Front Lake
A beautiful near 9 acre lake tailored to meet all the needs of the specimen angler. The bark filled swims are built with ‘bivvy’ comfort in mind, and ensure that the angler has access to the many fish-holding features.
With shallows and deeps, gravel bars and islands, reed and lily beds and fish holding snag swims, this lake is a carp anglers paradise.
Extensive stocking has been carried out by the Bardag Club with lots of upper-doubles and mid to high 20s introduced to compliment the original stock which contained fish to the mid 30s. A further 100 plus fast growing English stockies in the 5 to 8lb range have also been stocked to ensure ongoing growing population.
Anglers fishing this lake may also meet up with some very large Cats in the 40 to 50lb range giving their gear a severe testing. Also on the menu are a shoal of double figure Bream Lurking near the gravel bars. Very large double figure Tench can also spring a surprise, and with big Pike and Perch making the occasional appearance what more is needed from a specimen lake.
All of these fish are in excellent condition so please ensure that they remain so when returned to the water.
Chase Back Lake
This lake is designed and stocked for multi-species fishing. Approximately 7 acres in size and with water depths to 9 feet the lake offers scope to all classes of angler.
There are many features, with secluded bays, two islands and the banks fringed with reed and lily beds giving the pole or waggler angler the opportunity to catch the many species that these features attract.
The swims are built to generous sizes to accommodate the the modern anglers equipment with comfort.
There are lots of fish to be caught on the pole and waggler lines, with Roach, Rudd, Perch, Crucian-carp, Skimmer Bream, Gudgeon, Tench and Carp to be had in abundance in the warmer months. As the weather cools and the water becomes clearer, the tip and waggler methods are more productive.
The lake also attracts specimen anglers who target the many larger Carp. With fish in the mid 30s and some beautiful double-figure Koi and Ghosties this type of fishing is not to be ignored.
There are also very large Tench to double-figures which makes an attractive alternative. The large Bream tend to shoal up and are secretive in their whereabouts, but when located very big catches are possible.

Address: Dagenham Road, Rush Green, RM7 0, Essex, United Kingdom

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