Chesterford Fisheries

Little Chesterford, CB10 1, Essex, United Kingdom

Bordeaux pit is just a few miles out of Saffron Walden near Little Chesterford and entry is via a locked gate. This water is of some 2.5 acres and is well sheltered from the prevailling West/ South Westerly winds as it sits well below the surrounding fields and sheltered by the Railway embankment to the West.
The water has three distinct sections with two main bays and an island at it's northerly end, in total some 39 swims are available. At full winter levels around 6-7ft of water can be found with the swims around the island some 18" less.
This is a truly mixed fishery and contains Carp, Crucian, F1's, Chub, Bream, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Tench. Carp are typically from 10 - 20lb with a few bigger fish to 30lb, F1's run to some 3 lb, Crucian's to 3lb, Ide to 2lb+, Chub to 4lb, Bream to 5lb and the Tench have been caught to 8lb with an odd Perch to nearly 3lb. Roach and Rudd are numerous.
The water is though not aimed to mirror local commercial fisheries, it has a sensible stock level but is not overstocked to provide huge catches. A good days fishing can though be anticipated in summer when not to hot and bright with the element of not knowing what you may hook next.
Winter as with any stillwater can be difficult but those who scale right down and feed very sparingly can still take reasonable catches.

Chub to 4lb

Address: Little Chesterford, CB10 1, Essex, United Kingdom

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Bob Sparrow - 28th Sep 2021 at 6:48am

Is this a day ticket venue.? Thanks.

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