fenlake fishery

Metheringham Fen Lane, Metheringham, LN4 3AQ, Lincs, United Kingdom

Fenlake Fishery is a single 20-peg lake set in the Lincolnshire countryside.
The lake looks very quaint and is an ideal place to go fishing if you fancy a relaxing session. However, the quantity of carp in the lake means that there are some big weights available, to nearly 200lb! And these weights aren’t made up of big fish – the average stamp is about 1lb – which means it’s not a relaxing day if you’re fishing a match and need to catch as many as possible.
In the past, most of the matches were won by fishing shallow and no more than four metres out, using up to a gallon of maggots.

Address: Metheringham Fen Lane, Metheringham, LN4 3AQ, Lincs, United Kingdom

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Gail Bell - Reviewed 21st Sep 2021 at 8:26am

Stayed here for 4 nights my partner went fishing and absolutely loved it the people that owned fen lakes were very nice and polite no complaints from us in fact we come from York and are booked to go again

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Grant - Reviewed 22nd Feb 2019 at 4:59pm

WORST FISHING EXPERIENCE EVER Popped down today for a few hours as it is the most local fishery to me. First of all caught 2 small carp, not unusual for a match lake but their condition was shocking, 1 had absolutely no tail and the 2nd had half of one, both also beaten up all over the body. Further to this when the bailiff (I'm guessing that is what she was) came round and in a very unpolite and abrupt way asked if I had a smaller net, I could not have apologised more and taken note of it for my next return had I not had such a bad experience. Continued fishing for her to then come round again and very rudely tell me I was only allowed 1 rod, again I apologised and stated that it wasn't on the rules. She then continued and also in a rude manner asked what was in my bait bucket to which I replied bread and that I was using it on my feeder. I was then told in a very horrible matter of fact tone that I was EXPECTED to have my 2nd rod put away and my bait to only be used on my feeder. I quickly packed up my stuff and left as I will not be fishing there again and hope anyone looking for a day of carp fishing to avoid at all costs.

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