Alders Farm Fishery

Ivy Ln, Milton Keynes MK17 9AH

The fishery consists of three mature major lakes and four smaller ponds, all of which have experienced significant improvements in recent years, not just in terms of stocking but also in terms of amenities. Each lake has a unique population, ranging from record-breaking carp nets in our match lake to specimen-sized Perch and, of course, specimen-sized carp in our dedicated members-only specimen pool.


What more can be said about Ash Lake than "Ash Lake has 30 spacious pegs where you can fish a variety of different techniques and catch hard fighting carp all day."

In January 2015, the lake was partially drained and all nasty mouthed and smaller carp were removed and relocated, as well as all the years-old snags that the fish are all too familiar with! All of the pegs have been replaced with new, more secure, and durable ones that will withstand the test of time. This helps to guarantee that Ash Lake continues to be one of the top match lakes in the United Kingdom.

Ash is a popular lake in the complex for club and open competitions, with summer bagging weights exceeding 300lb and winter bagging weights exceeding 100lb still achievable.

Pines Lake:

A tranquil and picturesque lake with 25 match-ready pegs at the top of the fishery. Nestled in the pines, you couldn't be more removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life! The lake is characterized by different depths and several visible features, including two islands, reed beds, and other underwater structures.

The lake provides a variety of species to the fisherman, including carp up to ten pounds, bream up to seven pounds, perch up to four pounds, and tench up to eight pounds, as well as a good number of lesser silverfish. It's simple to understand why this lake attracts so many anglers.

Due to the lake's silver lining and natural protection from the weather, it is popular for Club and Open tournaments.

Oak Lake:

The lake is a members-only venue; it is around 4 acres in size and averages 6ft in depth during the summer, making it easier to spot the lake's residents. With an island, overhanging trees, reed beds, and a variety of underwater structures that provide evident refuge for the relatively big residents, it's simple to understand why anglers like fishing here.

Oak's restocking resumed on the 7th December 2021, with the addition of five more fish to its already magnificent collection. This raises the total to two 40lb+ carp, four 30lb+ carp, and several 20lb+ carp. Our intention is to continue reducing smaller stock through the winter of 2022.

Mylos Pond

This little pond has just 6 pegs and is suitable for beginners, with plenty of 3-8lb Carp to keep you busy all day. It's also ideal for a small club match in the winter.

The Alders Junior Academy will debut in the summer of 2015, and this little lake will be the first stop for the youngsters to learn on before joining the league and showing the seasoned fisherman a thing or two! In the winter, this lake is often utilized as an overflow for the main match lake since it warms up faster and provides more difficult weights.

Wood lake

The lake is a small pond that, like Pump Lake, has lately witnessed significant increases in stock and water quality. It resembles a canal and is significantly broader at 20m in places. To catch, you'll need a range of techniques, and those that fish it with a little finesse will reap the benefits. It's another match fisherman favorite, especially in the winter, because it's well stocked with 3-8lb Carp.

Pump lake

This is one of the smaller lakes in the complex, and it resembles a canal with its 14m width. It's a short walk from Breakfast at the Pumphouse Cafe. There's no surprise that fishermen enjoy fishing it, especially since it's stocked with 3-6 pound Carp and a few Rudd. This lake will appeal to those who recall the canal's glory days.

Carp up to 40lb
Tench to 8lb

Address: Ivy Ln, Milton Keynes MK17 9AH

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Michael Lack - Reviewed 7th Mar 2021 at 12:11pm

Excellent fishery although its information is massively out of date. There are 6 lakes to choose from including 2 match lakes, a specimen lake which has fish to near 45lb and 3 smaller pools which are fantastic for family fun! Really well stocked tackle store on site too so everything you need. Well done guys

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