Willow Croft Fisheries

Abbey Road, Pentney, PE32 1, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Specimen Lake is a 4.5-acre lake with depths as low as 18 feet and an average of 12 feet. It has a lot of gravel bars and mussel beds, and it's stocked with carp ranging from 16 pounds to the upper 30s. There are also double figurebream, tench up to eight pounds, roach rudd, and pike up to twenty pounds. Boilies are the most common bait in this body of water. Pellets on the method feeder perform nicely for bream and tench as well.

The Cabin Lake is a six-acre body of water with an average depth of eight feet and a maximum depth of twenty feet. It's stocked with carp up to the low 30s, bream and tench in plenty, catfish over 40 pounds, and pike up to 20 pounds. This pond might potentially host a new record perch for perch enthusiasts. A sunken barge is the lake's most prominent feature. Carp and bigger bream prefer boilies as a bait.

Under 16, Doughnut Lake is a half-acre body of water in the form of a doughnut. The majority of the fish are roach, rudd, and bream. Maggots can be caught by pole fishing or waggler fishing.

The Millennium Lake is a four-and-a-half-acre body of water with two islands. The typical depth is four feet, but depths as low as 12 feet are possible. The primary species include perch, pike, roach, bream, and carp up to 18 pounds. This water reacts nicely to a combined approach, with both the pole and the maggots producing good results. This lake is now undergoing renovations and should reopen next year.

Due to the vastness of the water, fishing is prohibited at the ski lake. There are several features like islands and gravel bars, and the depths average 18 feet. This is a hard water with wild carp up to 40 pounds. Carp, tench, and bream are best caught at night.

The catfish lake is three acres in size with one island. The pond has a depth of eight feet and is filled with common, mirror, and rare Albino grass carp that are rapidly developing. This is the only place in the country where these unusual carp may be found. Along with the carp, there are lots of jack pike.

The 1.5-acre ghost lake is brimming with ghost, mirror, and common carp in the mid 30s. There are also roach, perch, bream, and pike.

The bird lake covers 40 acres and has depths of up to 20 feet. It has a single island in the centre. The water is said to be 30 years old, and while the stock is unknown, we do know that the carp may reach 40 pounds. There is, however, a large head of bream known to occur, with individuals weighing up to 7 pounds. Pike fishing is also popular, with fish weighing up to 22 pounds. This lake is weedy and difficult to navigate.

Carp to 28lb

Address: Abbey Road, Pentney, PE32 1, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.willowcroftfishfarmandfisheries.co.uk

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Hi, are we able to use lures for pike& perch

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