Gayton Road Fisheries

Gayton Road, King's Lynn, PE32 1LH, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Specimen Lake: In 1990, this lake was the first to be built on the site, changing a potato field into the beautiful complex it is today.

Mallard Lake is a 2-acre mature body of water with depths ranging from 2 to 12 feet and a plethora of fish.
All of the fish are English and have grown to adulthood in this lake without the use of any artificial means. All you need is a nice robust fish strain and enough of natural food.

The lake is bordered by trees and plants, and three islands contribute to its uniqueness.

This beautiful lake offers a wide range of characteristics, including weed and lily beds, overhanging trees and plants, and a diverse assortment of fauna.

This lake will put any skilled fisherman to the test, with native common and mirror carp in excess of 20 pounds, tench to over 4 pounds, and wels catfish to over 50 pounds. The bulk of carp collected in recent years have been between 8 and 15 pounds; older, heavier, wiser fish appear to be able to resist capture.
There are just a few season permits available. You will be subjected to a thorough reference check in order to be placed on the waiting list.

The Heron Pool is a tiny fishing pond that was designed specifically for this purpose. It was once a huge growing-on pond, but it is now a fantastically little body of water. It measures about 3/4 acre and is stocked with excellent carp, tench, and bream. You'll have a great time looking for it.

The fishery is never overcrowded, thanks to its seven swims.

During their stay, our visitors may go fishing or simply relax with a view of the sea. There's something relaxing about lounging by the lake and watching the wildlife go about its business.

Tench, bream, roach, rudd, and Crucian Carp are supplied in the Kingfisher Pond, which is roughly 1/2 acre in size and has depths of up to 6 feet. This year, we removed all of the carp and joined the Environment Agencies' Crucian Carp return program. This is a fantastic and extremely intriguing tiny stream with a wonderful small fishery and three islands.
This is a nice tiny fishery for you to practice your "watercraft" with weed and lilies, nooks and crannies.

Disabled access
Carp up to 15lb
Catfish up to 50lb

Address: Gayton Road, King's Lynn, PE32 1LH, Norfolk, United Kingdom

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jake - Reviewed 10th Nov 2021 at 11:02am

cort a 30 pond catfish and a 25 carp

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