Patshull Park Fisheries

Patshull Park Golf & Country Club, Pattingham, WV6 7HR, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Patshull Park is the perfect location for a Shropshire fishing vacation. We have a 75-acre Great Lake that provides an excellent fishing opportunity, offering Trout, Coarse, or Pike fishing depending on the season. Carp fishing is offered to members of our syndicate exclusively.

Trout fishing

Depending on the season, the fishery's 75-acre Great Lake provides stillwater trout fishing, competition and day-ticket coarse fishing, and syndicated carp fishing. It is Shropshire's biggest stretch of stillwater, housing rainbow trout to just under ten pounds, brownies as large as you can eat in one sitting, pike and carp to over thirty pounds, and bream and tench to double figures. Additionally, there are some excellent roach and perch. Trout fishing begins in the first week of March, when Great Lake is stocked with rainbow and golden trout to a weight of ten pounds. These fish supplement the local brown trout population.

Coarse fishing

Patshull Park Fisheries is Shropshire's biggest stretch of stillwater, with pike and carp weighing in excess of 30 pounds, bream and tench in double figures, and brownies large enough to devour in one sitting. Additionally, this water has high-quality perch and roach.

Along with coarse and trout fishing, the Great Lake is home to a 10-man carp syndicate. Additionally, this fishery has The Fishing Lodge, which sells hot and cold food and beverages, as well as fishing supplies.

Carp up to 30lb
Pike up to 30lb
Trout up to 10lbs

Address: Patshull Park Golf & Country Club, Pattingham, WV6 7HR, Shropshire, United Kingdom

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Ben Roberts - Reviewed 28th Jan 2023 at 5:28am

Average lure fishing is pike is poor fishing due to live baits and deads

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