The Sedges

The Sedges Fishery River Lane Dunwear Bridgwater Somerset TA7 0AA

Tickets for the lakes are priced £8 per day. Evening tickets are priced £5 after 4pm.

The three lakes total over 6 acres of water with plenty of well spaced pegs. All are well stocked with mainly carp and bream, although there are also plenty of barbel, chub, tench, perch, roach and rudd.

Pole fishing and feeder fishing are very popular approaches on Tile and Brick Lakes. Waggler fishing shallow also works well in the warmer months.

Pole fishing is the best way to attack Canal Lake, although any float fishing style should catch well.

Pellets and paste work well in the summer, swapping to corn and maggots when it is colder.

There are regular matches held on each of the lakes, often booked by visiting clubs. We also run an over 50s match every Monday, and a Christmas Open on Brick and Tile lakes. Wherever possible, we leave at least one lake open for pleasure anglers and holidaymakers.

Address: The Sedges Fishery River Lane Dunwear Bridgwater Somerset TA7 0AA

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Gary Thomas - Reviewed 22nd Apr 2021 at 11:56am

This is a good venue for pleasure fishing but for those of you wishing to fish the matches held there you will need to consider some rather dubious rules or should I say lack of. They seem to be made up as it goes along. Things to consider 1. The fishery owner enters his own matches and it won't come as a surprise that he also wins a good number of them. ( Nothing suspicious about that is there) 2. There are no printed match rules to abide by. 3. You are not informed of the prize values before starting the match. 3. Should it be that there is a draw in the top 3 the section wins are omitted and no prize received by those anglers. The money then goes to the 2 anglers who drew and section winners get nothing. ( Not unfair at all) 4. Should the numbers of anglers exceed the peg number the overspill goes onto another lake but you are still in the same pool. How on earth can a fair match be held over two different waters which fish differently. I can't help but feel its all a bit underhand and designed to keep the bad sportsmanship at bay. Good luck

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