Field Farm Fisheries

Launton, Bicester, OX26 5EL, Oxon, United Kingdom

Field Farm Fisheries in Launton is a mixed coarse lake that is well stocked and offers a diverse choice of fish. It is located in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

The gorgeous, serene, and romantic setting of the 4 acre lake with two islands. There is plenty of parking that is both private and safe. Carp up to 30 pounds, Rudd, Tench, and Orfe make up the majority of the stock.

To fish, you must first become a member. You have the option of fishing as usual and having the bailiff bring you an application form, or you may download one here and bring it with you.

Before you start fishing, you must first purchase a ticket at the self-vend shack.

Carp up to 30lb

Address: Launton, Bicester, OX26 5EL, Oxon, United Kingdom

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Arknight - 30th May 2021 at 10:23am

What is the daily cost

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Mike - Reviewed 24th Jun 2022 at 11:38am

Totally agree with Matt and Ted. The place is good to fish but the owner is a total racist pig. He even used to have a sign up saying "no eastern European fishermen allowed" disgraceful!! The bloke is totally horrible! Do yourself a favour and fish somewhere else and don't line this despicable excuse of a human beings pockets

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Ted - Reviewed 22nd May 2022 at 1:00pm

Totally agree with you Matt C . The bloke is a complete arsehole. It's almost like he doesn't want anyone to fish there!! Place should be shut down so no one else has to suffer his presence!! Total twat!

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Matt C - Reviewed 7th Nov 2021 at 7:52pm

I thought I had found a lovely little dpot to fish bailiff was nice when I saw him and on the first meeting I would have said the same about the owner but unfortunately what I have heard from others was confirmed to me today. Without trying be rude or resort to name calling the guy should not run a fishery and should definitely not be allowed near any member of the public as he is truly the most obnoxious,rude,childish waste of space I have ever met and 100% racist through and though. He talked to people like they had broken in today, adult to child no care on what he was saying. He told me to bring a passport to prove my ethnicity and told me to get a passport when I said I didn't have one (which he sniggered at) whether it was because he didn't think I was English or maybe he just doesn't understand that I don't have one because I don't need one,basically he doesn't want people who aren't white English at his lake, he may as well have said it as blatantly as that from what he said. He even closed the gate on me as I was trying to go so he could spew more hate in my direction with a "you people, I hate you people" thrown in. The guy should banned from public with a restriction on contact with the living, he is the embodiment of everything wrong with this country and should be sectioned for the well being of everything living. Why do I say this you ask, as even for a absolute peice like this guy it's a bit strong....well we were there another time and heard what could only have been the bomb squad detonating a live ww2 bomb. When he spoke to us the time after he told us it was his shoot gun and he makes his own rounds so as to beef it up. So not only is he braking the law by shooting so close to a road and us poor mugs wasting our money at his lake but it sounds like his ammo is in breach of every law going so if anyone is in the business of checking up on gun owners and reading this you might want to knock on his door but if you do please take or be of a different nationally as this alone will (his response to said people) probably be enough for him to loose his licence . So if you are thinking of checking feild farm out then don't, just don't bother it should be shut down purely because he owns it.

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