Guildhall Carp Lake

Guildhall Lane, Wrentham, NR34 7HP, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Field Farm Fisheries is a coarse fishing venue located near Wrentham in Suffolk. This mixed coarse fishery is open all year round and comprises 6 lakes/ponds well stocked with Carp (Mirrors, commons, ghosts, grass & leathers), Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Chub and Golden Orfe. There is no pike, trout or salmon. There is an onsite Tackle shop. Night fishing is available but only if prebooked.
House Pond
Its size is 40m by 50m and from 4ft to about 6ft deep with 16 pegs. There are about 18 types of coarse fish in this pond, Carp to 32lb, bream to 6lb, tench to 6lb, roach, rudd, perch etc.
Three Islands Pond
Its size is 70m by 20m and from 4ft to 6ft deep with 18 pegs, a nice pond to start on with children and a good pond for adults with carp up to 35lbs.
Deep Pond
Size is 60m by 20m when this pond was dug, it was about 14 to 15 ft deep, but now its about 6 to 12ft deep, it has a ledge all the way round it then drops. It has 14 pegs. It can be a harder pond to fish , this is due to the depth, but some good size fish are in here, so its worth the wait.
Hedge Pond
20m by 30m with 7 pegs about 6ft deep, its a well sheltered pond with lots of cover, one of the first ponds we started with. Plenty of fish in this pond always a good place to go for the children to get small fish.
Lime Tree Pond
60m by 20m about 6ft deep with 19 pegs. Again good mixed fishing, larger carp will sit under the trees and lily pads, but you will need to be quick to land them. This pond is in a horse shoe shape.
Rookery Pond
20m by 30m, 3 to 5ft deep with 12 pegs, this pond is small and secluded, it has two islands. Further to walk but ideal for children as its not to deep and very easy fishing for lots of small fish to catch, there are no fish over 8lbs.

Carp up to 35lbs
Tench to 6lb

Address: Guildhall Lane, Wrentham, NR34 7HP, Suffolk, United Kingdom

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Mr bulls hit - Reviewed 5th Apr 2018 at 12:13pm

There are no big carp in these weer and for some saying carp up to 35 pounds well the guy who cut the crass there tell people that he is so full of bulls hit well say no more .

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