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Polegate BN26 6RD

This place is completely hidden by trees and has three lakes. On the outskirts of Hailsham, on Summerhill Lane near Polegate, is where we are located. Badger, a lake for members only, and Fox and Rabbit, a lake for two day passes. From trophy hunters to recreational fisherman, we serve all categories of anglers. Carp, both mirror and common, grow to enormous proportions in each of the lakes, along with many other species such as Grass Carp, Silver Bream, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Crucians, and Tench (please check each lake's page for additional information). Owner Ian often stops by the bank throughout the day and offers some friendly guidance. The fishery also offers parking near to the lake and swim areas for the handicapped.

Lake Badger

Members-only Badger Lake is made specifically for carp fisherman. The lake has two islands and is around 1.5 acres in size. surrounded by plants, trees, and reeds. Only four swims—one double and three singles—are scheduled. Carp up to 30 pounds, barbel, roach, chub, and tench up to 7 pounds are all stocked in the lake.

Every swim has to be booked in advance.

Fox Lake

The lake is bordered by forests and is half an acre in size. The pond has nine slabbed swims and is stocked with fish of the same size as Rabbit. Day passes are just £5 for concessions or £8 each day for 2 rods.

Rabbit Lake

A charming one-acre pond with three islands, lilies, rushes, and trees all around is called Rabbit. There are 15 well-spaced slabbed swims in all.

Day ticket
Carp to 30lb
Perch to 4lb
Chub to 4lb

Address: Polegate BN26 6RD

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