Swanborough Farm

Swanborough, Lewes BN7 3PF

Specimen Lake

With a depth range of 1.5 to 8 feet, our Specimen Carp lake is a 3.5 acre, well-established pool that provides some of the greatest day-ticket carp fishing in East Sussex. A variety of Common, Ghost, Mirror, and Grass Carp up to 37lb are stocked in the lakes. There are numerous fish that weigh over 30 pounds, and if you catch one, you may join our exclusive 30lb+ Facebook club!

Each of the 14 specially constructed swims that are positioned around the river is large enough to hold a bivy shelter and all the gear required for a long-stay session. Many of them are double swims, enabling your team to fish close to one another. All of the swims have parking accessible next to them.

Anglers are welcome for both short-term and extended visits. You may fish for just one day, or you can extend your stay for 24 or 36 hours or even longer if you'd like. Tickets are valid from either 7am or 7pm.

We also accept reservations solely on the weekends. Bookings begin either on Friday morning or evening and end at 7 o'clock on Sunday. First come, first served applies to all open swims; reservations must be requested at least a week in advance.

In our specimen lake, there are also some good-sized pike, with a known best of 30 pounds. Your rigs, bait, and techniques must be "cute" to the seasons in order to maximize the effectiveness of your session since it may be both difficult and rewarding.

Tench Lake

Our Tench Lake is mainly geared toward anglers that choose to fish for fun or competition. There are several characteristics in this 2.5 acre lake, including lily pads, reeds, and overhanging trees. A mature lake with depths ranging from 1.5 to 6 feet, it was the first to be drilled on the property some 20 years ago.

This pool is filled with magnificent specimens of tench, bream, roach, and rudd, as well as lush lily pads and reeds. However, more and more fishermen are choosing to target the elusive carp, which may reach 30 pounds!

All fishing methods and baits work well in the lake, so success is nearly a certainty! Tickets are offered for day sessions, overnight sessions, and longer sessions if desired, much like Specimen Lake.

Day ticket
Carp to 37lb

Address: Swanborough, Lewes BN7 3PF
Website: https://www.swanboroughfishinglakes.com/

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pete - Reviewed 22nd Apr 2022 at 2:17pm

Great place to fish love it be back soon

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Jack - Reviewed 5th Feb 2022 at 11:50am

Lovely place to relax

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Dan - Reviewed 17th Nov 2021 at 1:16pm

Good fishing with plenty of good fish to beat pbs

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