Crayfish Farm

Park Lane, Horton, SL3 9PR, Berkshire, United Kingdom

This small, secluded pool on the famous Horton complex is starting to come back to form. The venue has seen a stocking of some 30 carp, which included Fishers Pond fish and our very own Sutton strain. The Suttons were hand-picked stunners and are now being caught between 19 and 20lb in weight. The Fishers Pond fish were all good doubles with a few just over the 20lb mark. These are now coming out to around 30lb with the biggest going 37lb.The venue still holds some of the originals and is worthwhile spending a season or two chasing after, although they can be very tricky and by no means easy to catch. The venue is very secluded and the top tip for this lake would be to approach the margins cautiously and keep your eyes peeled, as many fish are caught from within feet of the edge.

Address: Park Lane, Horton, SL3 9PR, Berkshire, United Kingdom

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