Pockeridge Lakes

Pockeredge Drive, Corsham, SN13 9, Wilts, United Kingdom

Established in 1894, Chippenham Angling Club control the fishing rights on the Bristol Avon for approximately six miles upstream of Chippenham Weir to Kellaways Road Bridge, except for one short stretch on the eastern bank between Black Bridge and the mouth of the river Marden.
The stretch of river is split into 7 sections varying in depth, width and flow; and offers a wide choice for anglers to fish many different methods for various species. The fast flowing shallow gravel glides of Kellaways and Peckingell are excellent for chub and roach and provide some of the best barbel fishing on the Upper Avon.
The middle section, from "Black Bridge downstream to the Golf Course area is where the depth increases and the flow reduces providing good "waggler" fishing for roach, perch and the odd specimen chub. It is also not uncommon for decent sized tench to show in this area. This area also benefits from CAC installed platforms to make fishing as comfortable and safe as possible with minimum disruption to the surrounding environment.
From the Golf Course down to the Town Weir, the river deepens to its maximum depth of around thirteen feet and holds a terrific head of most species. During the summer, specimen bream , tench and carp are regularly caught. When the flow increases later in the year, double figure catches of roach are not uncommon. This is also a local haunt of perch.
The club also controls the fishing rights on two small lakes (35 swims in total) at Pockeridge near Corsham. Both the upper and lower lakes contain a good head of roach, rudd, tench, perch and carp.
Membership is open to all, with day-tickets available for the River Avon from the Weir upstream to Black Bridge. Anglers must be in possession of a current club membership permit, or day-ticket before fishing.

Address: Pockeredge Drive, Corsham, SN13 9, Wilts, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.chippenhamac.org.uk

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