Motorway Pond

Thimblehall Lane, Newport, HU15 2PX, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

This fishery is home to a variety of species and has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing massive fish while also being quite productive in terms of the possibility for large bags of fish, especially bream.

In 1999, it produced the Yorkshire carp record fish weighing 42lb 8oz. Numerous carp weigh in excess of 20lb, with roughly 10-12 being in excess of 30lb. The Association released 20 baby carp weighing between 5-7lb in the fall of 2010, the first step of an ongoing programme to improve carp populations while also introducing new blood to develop the specimens of the future.

There are also some excellent tench, with reports of fish over 9lb and bream over 12lb in the past. Bream seldom exceed 8lb anymore, however an 8lb 2oz tench was taken in 2016, and fish over 7lb are recorded most years. The fishery has produced some pike in excess of 20lb, as well as high-quality rudd. Additionally, a few huge wels catfish are reported to be present.

Although popular with expert anglers looking for larger carp and tench, recent events have seen an increase in the number of pleasure anglers looking for bream and rudd. Although good catches of excellent roach up to 1lb are not uncommon, position is critical in this intriguing area with a variety of underwater structures. Bream may be caught in quite huge numbers, and during a recent annual event, Geoff Dunham won the match with a winning weight of 72lb 10oz, with enormous back-up weights of bream captured in the same match.

The fishery's southern bank (across the residences) is a public pathway, therefore fishing is banned along that part. The location is a significant natural habitat, home to a variety of fascinating birds and plants. The otter barrier surrounds Motorway Pond.

Carp up to 32lb
Tench up to 8lb
Pike over 20lb

Address: Thimblehall Lane, Newport, HU15 2PX, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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