Catterick Complex

Swale Lane, Scorton, DL10 6, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

There are 4 lakes here on the site of an old quarry workings, so consequently it gets very muddy on the banks when the weather is wet. There is good car parking all around the waters and allows you easy access to the pegs.
The waters are well stocked with a good variety of fish and can provide an excellent days sport, with carp over twenty pounds. Quite rightly the water is well regulated and although all the rules may seem a little long, they are all very sensible and in there for the right reasons.
The Howe lake which is the furthest from the entrance contains some very large carp to over 30 lb. Copley lake holds carp to just under 30lb.
Best carp 2002 from Howe lake 30lb 4oz. Copley lake 27lb. 5oz. Common.
Best weight from the match lake 46kg by 15yo Stuart Sexton from Scorton.
Leave the A1 at Catterick old village, right in the centre of the old village is a turn onto Allotment Lane, signed Swale Lane. Follow this road right down to the bottom, and through the metal gate.

Carp to over 30

Address: Swale Lane, Scorton, DL10 6, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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David smith - Reviewed 21st May 2021 at 9:43am

“Darren Gallagher”I’ve never seen a 30 on the bank but I’ve seen a few photo that someone apparently had. If you fished this place 10 years and never picked up a 20 thats very very bad luck or just terrible angling. I’ve fished it 2 years and I’ve had them all times of the year, sometimes 2-3 in a session.

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Darren Gallagher - Reviewed 20th Aug 2018 at 11:54am

There's no 30 pounders in that lake.i no that because I fished it for ten years and never had a 20 pounder

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