Barlow Common Nature Reserve Pond

Barlow Common Road, Barlow, YO8 8, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

This water, which covers just over 4 acres also known locally as the nature reserve is managed by Selby Council. Although quite large there are only 14 pegs available as the remainder of the water is reserved for the nature that inhabits the water. The benefit of this can be that when the fish do want to feed, they tend to shoal up in the areas where the bait is going in. The water has platforms from which disabled anglers can fish. There are plenty of bank side features to target, as well as depths that range from about 7 ½ ft down to over 20 ft in places. As it is a nature reserve, the fishing is seen as ancillary, as such it is important to respect your surroundings and as always, take your litter and rubbish home with you.
There is an information centre, toilets, and surfaced footpaths.
There is also a nature trail and bird watching hide if that also takes your fancy. In the height of summer it can get quite busy at the bank side. Strangely for a nature reserve the fishing is available all year round.
The water holds plenty of carp in the under 5 lb bracket with the larger fish running into the low double figures. The larger carp are hard to target, but can be taken in the deeper water. There is plenty of weed and a lot of natural food. When the weather is bright surface baits (ducks permitting) will see you connecting with the better fish. There are plenty of roach up to 1 lb, but most averaging 2 to 4 oz. Perch can be found the whole year round with the better fish being taken close to the weeds. Bream are present but don't grow to any great size. A 4lb fish is considered a very good fish. There are also chub, tench and the odd pike, which are not targeted that much on this water. You don't have to be too technical with either your tactics or bait to do well here. Maggot will catch fish all day long, where meat and corn fished on the bottom will see the carp making appearances. Don't fish too light otherwise the weed will come into play with the better fish.

Address: Barlow Common Road, Barlow, YO8 8, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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peter yates - 14th Aug 2021 at 5:35pm

Hi do they have matches on the pond if not can you recommend any waters around that area Many thanks

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Fish - Reviewed 24th Aug 2021 at 8:28am

This venue is closed.

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