Willowbrook Farm

Ridge Road, Islip, NN14 3LE, Northants, United Kingdom

Willowbrook Lake is a mature, picturesque water of approximately twelve acres. Predominantly stocked with mirror, common and ghost carp ranging in size from 3 to 40lbs with typical catches in excess of 100lbs. There are 40 fishable pegs some of which are accessible to disabled fisherman.
Ryson Lake offers approximately nine acres of quality fishing and ranges in depth from 4 to 10 feet. Tench to 12lbs and bream to 14lbs are a feature of this lake which also holds rudd, roach, perch and some big carp to 35lbs. All the 34 pegs have platform facilities. Match and
pleasure angler nets are in excess of 70lbs with some recorded nets of 150lbs.
Harpers Brook is a little stream full of roach and chub to 4lbs. Running between the two lakes it offers the roving angler good sport during the colder months of the year.

Carp to 35lbs
Tench to 12lbs
Chub to 4lbs

Address: Ridge Road, Islip, NN14 3LE, Northants, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.wbcf.co.uk

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Fishery questions


Mondy - 27th Jul 2022 at 6:15pm

how do you get into the lake the gates are locked


Simon - 25th Mar 2021 at 6:53pm

Can you night fish your lakes as looking to do 48 hrs on the 2nd of April


gary stapleton - 11st Jul 2019 at 5:05pm

how much is a day ticket

FrankField - replied on 2nd Jun 2020 at 8:34pm

Can you use feeder boat please and how much is it for over 75 thank you

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Jake cooper - Reviewed 21st Mar 2020 at 9:17pm

Best fishery around and fish are 10 out 10 condtion.and hog is good welcoming man

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Steve Smith - Reviewed 11st Jul 2019 at 7:46pm

A superb middle of nowhere fishing water. Quiet, well looked after and full of fish. If your looking for a great days fishing this is the place.

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