Fishing lakes in Northamptonshire

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Bluebell Lakes Fishery  

Bluebell Lakes was established 14 years ago, opening in 1994, it has become one of, if not the very best big fish day ticket waters in the country. With Carp to 50lb to 40lb and a massive number or carp for 20lb to 30lb.Big carp is what Bluebell Lakes is famous for, but that’s not to say that there aren’t other species worth fishing with huge pike recorded at 41lb, beautiful bream, tench, chub, perch and roach. There are five lakes to choose from, two big fish waters ‘Kingfisher and ‘Swa...

Tansor, Oundle, PE8 5HP, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Carp To 50lb
Wold Farm Fisheries  

Our lakes are surrounded by 70 acres of magnificent woods dating back hundreds of years at Wold Farm Fisheries. This is an unique estate that is open all year for match, specimen, and pleasure fishing with a day ticket.Located on the boundary between Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.Tench, Golden Tench, Crucians, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Barbel, Chub, Ghost Carp, Mirror Carp, Koi Carp, Goldfish, Golden Orfe, and Catfish are abundant in our lakes. Please refer to the specific lake details.Wold LakeTh...

Airfield Rd, Wellingborough NN29 7XA, United Kingdom

Carp Up To 30lb
Catfish Over 50lb
Barbel Over 18lb
Wellingborough Angling Club  

Wellingbourough & District Nene Angling Club offers a wealth of angling along the length of the Nene Valley from Wellingborough to east of Oundle. Membership starts from £45 annually and allows members to fish any of the clubs 12 still waters, section of the Rivers Nene & Ouse and several sections of the Grand Union canal as well.This variation of water allows members to fish for almost any species found in UK coarse fishing from a specimin 40lb carp to a dace!See our web site for full ...


Carp Up To 40lb
Tench Up To 7lb
Pike Up To 20lb
Perch Up To 3lb
Chub Up To 5lb
Jigsaw lake  

8 Acres in size and a real Carp anglers paradise with many reed lined bays, little nooks and crannies which almost divide the lake into a series of smaller lakes, offering real privacy when you are fishing, you almost feel like you have a lake to yourself!Not an easy lake but the average size carp is very high and well worth a bit of effort to catch one of Jigsaw's Jewels. The Commons and the Mirrors go in excess of 40lb, there is a fully scaled to mid 30's, Fisher ponds fish going over 35lb and...

Grendon Road, Earls Barton, NN6 0, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp To 40lb
Tench To 11lb
Stanwick Lake Fishery  

Located in Northamptonshire, the Complex consists of 6 mature lakes, including two day ticket specimen carp lakes.Back in the 80's, Elsons was run as the Mid Northants Carp Fishery, one of the premier carp waters in the country, and fished by the top Carp Anglers at the time. Now, 20 years on, it has matured into a beautiful lake, surrounded by large trees. The lake is around six acres in size, with depths ranging from 6-9ft. Surrounded by reeds, the lake features several gravel bars, sunken and...

Stanwick, Wellingborough NN9 6GD

Carp To 39lb
Willowbrook Farm  

Willowbrook Lake is a mature, picturesque water of approximately twelve acres. Predominantly stocked with mirror, common and ghost carp ranging in size from 3 to 40lbs with typical catches in excess of 100lbs. There are 40 fishable pegs some of which are accessible to disabled fisherman. Ryson Lake offers approximately nine acres of quality fishing and ranges in depth from 4 to 10 feet. Tench to 12lbs and bream to 14lbs are a feature of this lake which also holds rudd, r...

Ridge Road, Islip, NN14 3LE, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp To 35lbs
Tench To 12lbs
Chub To 4lbs
Maxey Pit No. 4  

Maxey Fisheries is a members only coarse and carp fishing syndicate with a number of lakes for specimen and pleasure angling, situated in peaceful relaxing countryside, located approx 9 miles north of Peterborough in the village of Maxey. The fishery consists of five lakes which together hold a large head of carp some in excess of 30lbs along with catfish to 35lbs, pike to 25lbs, tench to 12lbs, bream to 12lbs, specimen roach, perch, rudd, eels and crucian carp. ...

Quarry Lane, Peterborough, PE6 9EB, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Carp Over 30lb
Tench To 12lbs
Catfish To 35lbs
Pike To 25lbs
Lakeside Coarse Fishery  

There are three lakes totaling 3 acresThe large lake has 2 ¼ acres of waters, with 24 swimsThe Medium lake (known as the Top Lake) is ½ acre with 8 swimsThe Small lake (known as the Bottom lake) is ¼ acre with one swim 

Duncote, Greens Norton, NN12 8AL, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp To 33lbs
High Park Lake  

The season runs from 2nd Feb to early October. It is a syndicate water with a limit of 45 members. Both common and mirrors run to mid 20's, with commons especially, growing at a good rate since top-up stocking three years ago. Biggest common caught 30lbs, mirror 29lbs 1oz, and ghost carp 24lbs 6oz. Full membership - Fishing any time, nights included £195 Weekday membership - Weekday fishing, nights included £120 Both categories incur a one off joining fee of £30 Thr...

Main Street, Rugby, CV23 8UN, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Carp To 30lb
Grand Union Canal  

This section of the Grand Union Canal is well-known for its large head of Perch that easily exceeds the 3 pound mark.Additionally, some good Pike up to 25lb have been caught on the stretch, as well as Carp to 27lb; there are rumours of Carp to 32lb in the water.

Dark Lane, Braunston, NN11 7, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp To 27lb
Pike Up To 25lb
Grundys Lake  

Grundies Lake, Rothwell, is a 4.5-acre lake with 80 swims available. Season ticket £100, OAPs/juniors £75 Grundies lake is stocked with Barbel to 4lbs, bream, carp to 26lbs, chub, crucian carp, golden orfe, gudgeon, perch, roach to 2lbs, rudd and tench. All year fishing available. Fishing allowed from dawn until dusk. No keepnets. No litter. Barbless hooks only. No boilies. No groundbait. Three swims available for disabled use. Car parking and toilets on site.

Orton Road, Rothwell, NN14 6, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp To 26lbs
Barbel To 4lbs
Bankes Pool  

Barby Mill Pools is made up of 2 pools set over the space of around 2 acres in the Warwickshire countryside, though easily accessible via the A45 or M45. The smaller of the two pools contains a good stock of silver fish along with a good head of Tench and Carp. The larger of the two pools holds Carp up to 25lb and a handful of Catfish reaching the 67lb mark.

Longdown Lane, Barby, CV23 8TE, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp Up To 25lb
River Nene  

A very picturesque part of the River Nene, hardly fished, the 1.5 mile stretch starts at a small weir pool and winds its way round the complex. The river offers some superb features including reed beds along the banks, bays, slacks and overhanging trees which all combined make an idyllic fishing venue. This stretch of the Nene is very lightly fished and consequently little is known of the stock in this stretch, but it has produced carp to 25lb+, chub to a whacking 5lb, numerous pike to 20lb+ and...

Cogenhoe, NN7 1, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp To 25lb
Pike To 20lb
Roxholme Trout Fly Fishery  

Roxholme is a quality Fly only trout Fishery stocking brown, blues, rainbows and Arctic char ranging in size from 2lbs to over 20lbsFishing is by appointment only as the number of rods is limited to 6 at anytime 

The Grn, Carlton in Lindrick, Worksop S81 9AQ, United Kingdom

Trout Up To 20lb
Cotton Farm  

Mill Cotton Fishery is located near Ringstead in Northamptonshire. This is a purpose-built commercial type venue which is a part of the Ringstead Fishing complex. The fishery comrpises 2 separate lakes, both with island features. These waters have been extensively stocked with a selection of coarse fish. The larger lake contains a variety of carp species and silver fish including barbel. The smaller lake is silver fish only. The fishery is open all year during daylight h...

Station Road, Ringstead, NN14 4, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp To 20lb
Chub To 6lb
Biggin Fisheries  

Biggin Lake Fishery is a seven acre lake located north of the town Oundlein the Northamptonshire countryside. Biggin Lakes is very well stocked and holds Roach to 1lb, Rudd to 1lb, Crucians to 2lb,  Bream to 6 1/2lb, Tench to 5lb, and some Mirror, Common and Ghost Carp which average about 6lb, but don't be surprised if you hit into a 20lb plus Carp, as the lake record is now touching 30lb. All Main tactics work, Pole, Waggler & Feeder all have there place, with pellet, ...

Benefield Road, Oundle, PE8 4EZ, Northants, United Kingdom

Carp To 20lb
Tench To 5lb
Rushton Lake  

Rushton Lake is a mixed coarse fishery located between Market Harborough and Kettering in Northamptonshire.This lake with forty permanent pegs with depths ranging from four to seven foot is stocked with a variety of coarse fish including Bream to 2lbs, Carp over 20lbs, Chub to 6lbs, Crucians, Gudgeon, Perch to 2lbs, Roach and Rudd, Tench to 4lbs. Car park is available opposite the lake entramce and toilets available on site. (Ladies require a key)...

Rushton, NN14 1, Northants, United Kingdom

Tench To 4lbs
Perch To 2lbs
Chub To 6lbs
Billing Aquadrome Match Lakes  

Billing Aquadrome is located near Horthampton. It offers three coarse fishng lakes well stocked with a variety of fish including Common, Mirror, Ghost and Golden Carp, Roach, Tench and Rudd. Willow, Kingfisher and the Marina lakes are frequently stocked and well maintaned. Drinks and snacks are available during the day and tackle shop is located at the main entrance.

Crow Lane, Great Billing, NN3 9DA, Northants, United Kingdom

College Reservoir  

College Farm Fishing is a family run and owned fishing lake providing fishing facilities for people of experience and abilities. It has good access, particularly for the disabled, with a very nearby car park with hard standing. The lake spring fed and is up to 10 feet deep. Stock: Mirror and Crucian Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd Tench and Chub.

Banbury Road, Aynho, OX17 3AB, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Nene Wetlands Nature Reserve  

The Nene Wetlands Nature Reserve is a protected area with intern of international importance for wintering birds, and regional importance for wetland and grassland habitats and species. It has the following designations: Special Protection Area (SPA), Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Ramsar (wetland of international importance).Fishing is allowed in the lakes indicated in the map below (Ring Res and Cotton Reel). Fishing is not allowed in the remaining lakes of the nature reserve.

Lakes, NN10 6FH, Rushden

College Farm Fishery  

College Farm Fishing is a family run and owned fishing lake providing fishing facilities for people of experience and abilities. It has good access, particularly for the disabled, with a very nearby car park with hard standing. The lake spring fed and is up to 10 feet deep. Stock: Mirror and Crucian Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd Tench and Chub.

Banbury Road, Aynho, OX17 3AB, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Yoke Hill Farm  

Yoke Hill Farm Fishery is a coarse and carp fishery situated in Upper Benefield, Northamptonshire. Yoke Hill Farm Fishery consists of several small lakes stocked with carp, orfe, crucian carp, tench, rudd, roach. Please contact the fishery for additional information.

Upper Benefield, PE8 5AS, Northants, United Kingdom

Sywell Reservoir  

Pitsford Water is an attractive reservoir with superb fly-fishing conveniently located between Northampton and Leicester. It has a reputation for top quality grown-on fish, double figure browns and surface feeding-fish in its relatively shallow water. The modern Lodge has a well-stocked tackle shop and a large meeting room for corporate and club events and disabled access throughout. The fleet of 26 boats includes a Mark11 Wheelyboat.

Brixworth Road, Holcot, NN6 9SJ, Northants, United Kingdom

Rushden Gravel Pits  

This is a brand new fishery based in Rushden, Northants. There are six very mature gravel pits with three over 60 years old. These pits have a large head of carp and have historically done fish in excess of 45lb. The fishery will be operating 3 of the six lakes this year with the rest being opened in the near future.

Station Road, Irthlingborough, NN9 5QF, Northants, United Kingdom

Nellbridge Fishery  

Over the past years, Old Lake has earned itself a reputation for excellent mixed fishing. Situated in a sheltered position, this one acre coarse lake is stocked with carp from 2lb - 16lb, roach, perch and bream. The New Lake is stocked with plenty of mixed size carp (largest recorded is 26lb), tench, roach, rudd and perch. Parking is lakeside, making it an ideal venue foe the disabled angler. For the specimen angler the 5 acre Carp Lake is stocked with large mirror and common carp (you can also ...

Aynho, Banbury, OX17 3NY, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Naseby Reservoir  

Naseby Reservoir covering 95 acres, offering 60 pegs to date with more to be added at the end of this year due to work being done by British Waterways. Having been around since the late 1700's Naseby Reservoir is becoming more popular every year due to having extensive stocks of some large mirror carp, common carp, catfish, bream, roach, tench, pike and even trout. Head bailiff Harry Bosworth is to have meetings...

Carvells Lane, Naseby, NN6 6JF, Northants, United Kingdom

Grendon Lakes  

Grendon Lakes fishery has become one of the premier coarse fisheries in the south Midlands. The complex is located in 150 acres of Northamptonshire countryside and offers 8 fishing lakes suitable for anglers of all abilitiesDay Tickets are available on Geralds Ponds, Lucy, Trinity, Ellie, Club, Nidale and Machinery Lake. Nidale Lake is only fishable from October to March. Club and Machinery Lake is only fishable December, January and February.

Main Road, Grendon, NN7 1JW, Northants, United Kingdom

Irthlingborough Main Lake  

Our vision for the Nene Valley centres on the Nene Wetlands reserve - seven wildlife sites restored, improved and connected into one square mile of nature reserve. These sites include the existing Trust nature reserves (Ditchford, Wilson’s Pit, Higham Ferrers Pits and Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows) linked together with the developer-owned Rushden Lakes complex of three sites leased to the Trust (Skew Bridge Lake, Delta Pit and Higham Ferrers Lake).Our new visitor centre at the Nene Wetland...

Station Road, Irthlingborough, NN9 5QF, Northants, United Kingdom

Foxholes Fisheries  

The fishery was established in 1980 and consists of four Season Ticket lakes. It is located in a very secluded setting just off the A428 between Crick and West Haddon in Northamptonshire. The Season Ticket lakes provide specimen carp fishing on three lakes (fish up to 40lb), and general coarse fishing on one lake. Short Stay/Holiday Fishing is also available on these lakes. Viewing by appointment only.

Crick, Northants, United Kingdom

Ditchford Lakes And Meadows  

Situated at the western end of the reserve, Ditchford is a complex of old gravel pits, scrub and meadows. From the visitor centre, it is accessible via the 'Muddy Boot Trail', as well as from Ditchford Lane.

Ditchford Rd, Rushden, Wellingborough NN8 1RL